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White Globe offers translation services for the film industry in more than 350 languages that are both linguistically proficient and culturally accurate. One expertly translated film at a time, we assist movie studios and production firms in finding success at the global box office.

Motion Pictures Translated Right

Are you interested in having your feature films, documentaries, newsreels, or instructional videos translated into regional Indian languages, Spanish, Chinese, French, or other Asian and European languages? Then look no further than White Globe.

We offer top-notch film translations for all types of movies. International audiences are engaged by our translations despite linguistic and cultural differences. Foreign language dubbing and multilingual subtitling are both offered as part of the White Globe film translation services.

The success of a film in foreign countries and its box office performance can both be considerably impacted by the quality of the translations. At this point, White Globe steps into the picture.

You've put a lot of effort and money into making your movies. Your blockbuster movies, independent films, documentaries, or marketing videos will be translated with the utmost linguistic and aesthetic quality thanks to White Globe's linguists, voiceover talent, localization procedures, and language technologies.

White Globe has considerably streamlined language translation and voiceover production while automating audio transcription and subtitling for film translations. Our online translation management systems, which combine translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic assessment, enable us to create high-quality film translations that are better than ever. We only work with qualified professional translators.

We work with international distributors and film production firms to quickly and affordably translate movies into Chinese, French, Spanish, and any other European, Indian regional, Asian, or Latin American language. Find out how White Globe can support your film's international marketing success in any language by speaking with one of our film translation specialists today.

Film Dubbing in over 350 Languages

Although many films with international distribution have subtitles in other languages, audio dubbing broadens the audience even more. White Globe offers expert services for film translation and dubbing into various languages, which adds a fresh perspective to the viewing experience for a movie's global audience. We have a wide network of voice actors from across the world who specialize in recording different character voice types and styles in sound studios to produce the best audio quality.

For our clients, White Globe has significantly streamlined the voice sample request procedure. Our database of film dubbing artists matches the profile before the dubbing process. Preventing rework, saving both time and money.

We Translate All Film Genres

White Globe provides professional film translations for all major genres and formats. The following is a list of movie genres we translate:

Science Fiction

Multilingual Film Subtitling

As a crucial part of our film translation and localization solutions, White Globe offers expert multilingual subtitling services for movies, digital videos, and TV shows employing a highly efficient online production process.

Clients upload the source video to our servers and designate the target languages when doing so. The rest will be handled by our workflow management system for projects.

The auto-transcribed scripts are then reviewed by our native speakers of the target languages before being translated. White Globe outputs time-coded files in SRT, VTT, and other formats.

Digital Video Translation Services

White Globe offers complete turnkey solutions for online video translation and localization, in addition to translating motion pictures. We translate Zoom conversations, walkthrough demos, eLearning videos, goods, and company marketing videos.

The integrated video translation environment at White Globe is comparable to YouTube. enabling our expert linguists to concentrate on creating the highest degree of linguistic quality rather than being mired in technological problems. To get a translation quote, simply upload your video or send us the URL to your online digital video.

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