White Globe patented on-demand translation solutions provide global news agencies with the fastest human translations for breaking stories in 350+ languages around the globe.

News Stories Translated Fast - 24/7

Let’s face it, although the Internet has connected the world, people can’t see your news stories if they only search in their own languages. This means you’re losing potentially millions of audiences to your competitors who chose to distribute their news releases in all major European and Asian languages.

This is why you need White Globe, Asia’s leading news translation services by professional translators. We deliver high quality news translations with the fastest speed. White Globe’s translation platform and translation technology immediately notifies our linguists instantly of your translation requests and then allows them to immediately translate on the platform.

Your Breaking News in All Languages

In order for your news to be breaking, it must reach the target audience in real time while the news events are taking place. This is why the speed of translation is critical.

However, although machine translation is very fast, it lacks the linguistic accuracy to be public facing. On the other hand, traditional translation workflows are too slow to meet these urgent translation requirements.

White Globe provides the perfect language translation solutions by leveraging the power of machine-human translations that are uniquely delivered on all devices. Get in touch with our Business Development team to try our real time translation solutions now.

Automated News Translations with API

White Globe has developed a full set of real time translation APIs for the public. We can directly integrate with your news wire services or other content management systems (CMS) to automatically translate breaking news on-demand. White Globe supports both just-in-time and continuous translation services so your news stories are translated with quality and the shortest amount of time.

We Translate All News Fast

White Globe provides rapid human translation services for all kinds of news content. We also provide tailored news translation solutions to meet your unique requirement.

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