Our Manufacturing Translation Process

Professional terminology management is the first step in producing high-quality manufacturing translations. During this stage, White Globe assists manufacturing firms in compiling a list of technical terminology and brand names associated with their specific industries, such as aerospace, automotive, or electronics. Our pre-approved linguists with subject matter expertise in the customer's technical field translate these terms. We can effectively develop the basic glossary using terminology mining because White Globe has one of the biggest terminology databases in the world. The best corporate results require a highly collaborative process, and White Globe has the expertise and technological foundation to make it happen. Utilizing our terminology management system, which is the foremost terminology system for each language in the business, our project team will collaborate with the manufacturing client to review and approve the translated words.

The client account on our platform-based translation platform is then updated with the authorized terminology glossary, guaranteeing correctness and consistency for all upcoming translation assignments. We will work with clients to collect legacy translation memory and upload the database to the client's White Globe account for customers who have previously used other translation vendors. To guarantee the flawless quality, the client has the option of having White Globe evaluate any current translation memories.

White Globe localization project managers assign a dedicated team of professional linguists with subject matter expertise matching the company's technical field in the relevant languages to each of our enterprise manufacturing clients. To guarantee linguistic precision and consistency, these linguists will work on the customer's translation projects continuously.

The majority of the terminology problems, mistranslations, missing translations, and linguistic consistency checks, as well as other translation quality assurance and linguistic checking procedures, have been automated by White Globe. White Globe can produce excellent manufacturing translations with the highest level of efficiency thanks to the combination of machine-human solutions.

We Translate All Types of Automotive Documents

White Globe has experience translating a wide variety of automotive documentation including owners’ manuals, engineering guides, shop repair manuals, assembly line instructions, training documents, and much more. Just upload your documents in PDF, Word, FrameMaker, or InDesign files to our real-time online translation portal, and White Globe will take care of the rest. Specifically, we translate all of the following technical documents for the automobile sector:

Owner’s manuals
Engine repair manuals
Cooling system specifications
Battery assembly instructions
Transmission user guides
Exhaust system installation guides
Parts reference manuals
Warranty documents
Maintenance manuals
Shop repair manuals
Brake system documentation

Translations for Medical Devices Manufacturing

White Globe offers expert translation services for all three classes (Class I, Class II, and Class III) of medical devices in both European and Asian languages. White Globe is an ISO 13485:2016-certified business. We recognize the value of multilingual technical correctness for makers of medical devices because insufficient translation quality can compromise patient safety and lead to transgressions of international regulatory standards. For the development of contemporary medical devices, White Globe offers a comprehensive suite of language localization solutions that deliver unmatched translation performance and the highest level of quality.

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