White Globe provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate translation services for metals processing, manufacturing and fabrication so companies can most effectively engage international customers across multilingual barriers, one professionally translated metal document at a time.

Accurate Metals Translation You Can Trust

The metals industry is one of the most globalized sectors that provides essential materials support for worldwide economic development. Metals are irreplaceable metallic elements used globally for construction, automobiles, mechanical engineering, home appliances, electrical engineering, aerospace, and medical devices. As a result, metals companies must translate a variety of technical documents, marketing collateral, and eLearning courses for a range of industrial applications in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Polish in order to achieve international business success and stay ahead of the competition.

This is why you need White Globe. We provide expert language translation services for the entire metals supply chain, from metal mining and manufacturing to metal fabrication and international ferrous trade. We have a large team of professional translators and subject matter experts who are supported by our innovative translation management system (TMS) to deliver the best metal translation results, on-time and on budget.

Consistent, quality translations for the metals industry requires more than linguistic knowledge, it also demands expert domain expertise in materials engineering, metallurgy, and metalworking. Increasingly, language technologies that leverage translation memory, terminology, and AI-powered localization automation allow professional translators to provide the most accurate multilingual output at speed and scale, delivering translation results that are better than ever.

White Globe leads the language industry with next-gen, agile, and on-demand translation solutions on the platform. We help metals companies turn their translation spend into solid investment for global success.

Metals Fabrication Machinery Translation

White Globe provides professional translation services for a variety of metal fabrication machines such as milling, turning, hole-making, moulding, casting, cutting, forging , grinding, and 3D printing. We translate owner’s manuals, safety instructions, engineering drawings, and maintenance guides with accuracy and speed so our clients can distribute their metal fabrication equipment and machine tools in global ferrous markets across linguistic barriers.

White Globe has one of the largest multilingual metals terminology databases with thousands of technical terms for metallic engineering and metal fabrication processes, technologies, and services, allowing our translators to consistently deliver the most accurate language translations with efficiency.

ISO 9001 Certified Steel Translation Services

Are you a steel manufacturing company supplying steel and iron products and services to industries such as construction, automobiles, civil engineering, energy, resources, or railways? Chances are you need a variety of technical documents professionally translated with speed between English and French, English and Turkish, English and Japanese, and many other languages.

White Globe is an ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company, delivering a full spectrum of language localization solutions for steel manufacturing, mining, and metals trade. We have the linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and language management technologies to deliver the best steel translations the language industry has to offer.

Aluminium Translation Services

Are you involved with aluminium production, processing and need to translate your product literature and technical information between English and Vietnamese, English and Chinese, English and German, as well as other Asian and European languages?

Then look no further than White Globe. Aluminium is a lightweight, versatile metallic material widely used in everything from soda cans to smartphones, and from automobiles to airplanes. The aluminium market relies heavily on an international manufacturing supply chain to meet global alumina and aluminium demands.

White Globe has the linguistic resources and localization best practices to deliver technically accurate and linguistically fluent translation services for all areas of the aluminium industrial ecosystem. We translate user manuals, marketing brochures, technology patents, and training materials for mining bauxite and refining alumina, as well as aluminium manufacturing of end products in over 350 languages with quality and speed.

Global Metal Supply Chain Translation

White Globe provides professional and just-in-time language translation solutions for international metal supply chains from mining raw materials to metal ore processing, metals fabrication and logistics to supply chain management software. We enable metals companies to confidently engage international customers and overseas partners across languages every step of the metal production lifecycle. Our supply chain translation solutions cover sheet & soil processing, plate processing, bar and tube processing.

Quality language translations on-time and on-budget increasingly play a critical role in helping metal companies grow worldwide revenue and build global brands by deploying multilingual content simultaneously with efficiency in international markets. White Globe allows our metal clients to centrally manage all of their supply chain translation activities on the platform for unrivalled localization performance.

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