White Globe helps the world’s leading engineering companies deploy products in international markets with the best engineering translation services. We deliver concise and accurate technical translations in German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and all European and Asian languages.

High Quality Engineering Translations You Can Trust

Consistent and accurate engineering translations require linguistic skill, technical knowledge, localization experience, and, increasingly, AI-powered translation technologies that harness the power of the best machine-human capabilities. White Globe has thousands of professional native translators and subject matter experts exclusively focused on translating highly technical, scientific, and engineering documents. We empower our linguists to translate better and faster with our industry leading translation technologies to deliver unrivalled language translation performance for the global engineering field. We are one of the leading language service partners offering the highest level of sophistication and field expertise that the world’s top engineering companies depend on for global business success.

White Globe is an ISO 9001 certified translation company with mature localization processes and best-in-class translation solutions perfectly engineered for the technical, engineering, and manufacturing industries. By employing highly qualified technical translators who are trained in our clients’ technical, engineering, and scientific fields, we are able to deliver high quality engineering translations the first time around, without going through multiple rounds of reviews and revisions, which ultimately lead to lost time to market and missed revenue.

White Globe’s modern, intelligent translation management system supports our professional linguists with terminology, translation memory, consistency checks, and PEMT in real time, allowing them to translate with confidence and speed. We’re so confident you’ll be impressed with White Globe expert engineering translation solutions; we offer you 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Simpler, Faster & Better Engineering Translation Services

Are you looking for a reputable language translation company to provide fast and accurate engineering translation services to support your international expansion? Then look no further than White Globe. We help hundreds of companies in engineering, scientific, and manufacturing industries achieve greater success in international markets across languages. Driven by our expert technical localization capabilities, White Globe delivers fast and professional engineering translations that are second to none.

You’ve invested significant time and money in building the perfect engineering products, the last thing you want is to rely on an average translation company that slows down your international growth. Poor translation quality tarnishes your global brand, and inefficient project executions prolong time-to-market, leading to lost market opportunities that can take years to recover.

This is why you need White Globe. We employ the most qualified professional engineering translators with deep subject matter expertise in various engineering fields to deliver the highest level of linguistic accuracy. Powered with our next-gen AI-enabled translation management technologies, White Globe provides the most efficient engineering translation services the language industry has ever seen.

Chemical Engineering Translations

Do you need to translate your chemical engineering technical documents into German, Portuguese, Chinese or Japanese? Then you’ve found the perfect language services partner. We have a large team of multilingual subject matter experts specializing in all major areas of chemical engineering such as material science, petrochemical, biochemical, chemical control systems and processes. Chemical engineering plays a major role in bioplastics, biopolymers, high performance lithium-ion batteries, ultra-strong fibres, and advanced composites, and White Globe can help you scale your business success globally by accurately translating your technical communications in over 350 languages.

White Globe has one of the largest technical terminology databases in the language industry, allowing our professional chemical engineering linguists to translate with accuracy and speed.

Civil Engineering Translation Services

White Globe has expert experience translating for the civil engineering market from English to Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and more. We regularly help our clients localize operator manuals of construction machines, CAD software (UI strings and online help,) heavy construction plans, engineering drawings, bid documents, and civil engineering training programs. We have the processes, expertise, and technology tools to ensure the most accurate and efficient civil engineering translation services for all your language localization needs.

Electrical Engineering Translation Services

The electrical engineering market has been one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world as computers, smart phones, and consumer electronics increasingly become the mainstay of our lives. This is why electrical engineering translation services have been in high demand throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and now Africa. However, not all translation services are built equally and this is why you need White Globe. We have thousands of professional in-country translators with specialized training in the electrical engineering field to deliver the most accurate translations in over 350 languages.

Mechanical Engineering Translations

White Globe provides expert mechanical engineering translation services to major companies in thermodynamics, structural engineering, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), materials testing, and machinery manufacturing. White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology dictionaries for all areas of the mechanical engineering field, allowing our professional native translators and subject matter experts to most efficiently translate content with confidence. In addition to product operating instructions, labels, and OEM manuals, White Globe also provides end-to-end mechanical engineering software localization services.

We Translate These Engineering Documents

Operating Manuals, Software Help, CAD Drawings, Maintenance Manuals, Technical Patents, Warning Labels, Testing Documents, Technical Specifications, Safety Documentation, Quality Assurance Manuals, Process Control Documents, PLM Reports, Engineering Training Courses.

  • Operating Manuals
  • Software Help
  • CAD Drawings
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Technical Patents
  • Warning Labels
  • Testing Documents
  • Technical Specifications
  • Safety Documentation
  • PLM Reports
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Process Control Documents
  • Engineering Training Courses

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