White Globe provides professional supply chain translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. We enable multinational companies to most effectively engage international business partners and global manufacturers with the best multilingual SCM solutions, one accurately translated supply chain document at a time.

Diversifying Your Supply Chain? We Can Help with Express Translations

The Coronavirus Pandemic has disrupted global supply chains for many businesses that rely on manufacturing factories in countries hard hit by the virus such as China, Italy, and others.

To ensure business continuity, many companies within major trading partners are scrambling to shift production to other places less impacted by the virus such as Southeast Asia, Mexico, Canada, or back to domestic markets.

White Globe has the linguistic resources and on-demand language technologies to provide express language translation services in support of these rapid responses to diversifying procurement operations between English and Spanish, English and Vietnamese, English and French, and 350 other languages.

Accurate Supply Chain Translations for Global Success

Is your company in need of quality supply chain translation services to support global business operations? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide accurate and on-demand supply chain translations in over 350 languages for all areas of enterprise multilingual supply chain communications.

White Globe has a large team of professional native translators and subject matter experts specializing in translating international logistics, inventory, asset management, operation performance management, automation solutions, and global manufacturing with linguistic precision.

We help our clients localize supply chain management (SCM) software, e-sourcing software platforms, as well as online eLearning and training courses in all Asian and European languages.

Multilingual Sourcing Translated Right

A major component of enterprise supply chain management (SCM) is to control spend with both domestic and international suppliers. White Globe translates a variety of sourcing related content such as RFP documents, procurement software, and vendor audit reports with quality and speed.

We provide accurate enterprise sourcing translation services between English and Spanish, English and Vietnamese, English and Chinese, and other European, Asian, and African languages.

The global economic system compels companies to work with a range of international suppliers to achieve business efficiency and scale. White Globe helps our clients connect with multinational OEMs and supply-chain partners across linguistic barriers with confidence.

Supply Chain Software Localization

Platform based supply chain management systems are growing rapidly because they offer huge advantages over traditional solutions such as cost savings, speed, efficiency, scalability, and security.

White Globe provides expert software localization services for web-based supply chain platforms between English and Spanish, English and German, and English and Vietnamese and many other languages.

We have best-in-class processes for translating supply-chain software GUI (graphics interface), online help, and marketing collaterals. In addition to software localization, we also provide linguistic testing for both platform and mobile based supply chain applications.

OEM Translation Services

Modern manufacturing best practices aim to achieve cost reductions while improving production quality and efficiency through economies of scale and best-of-breed processes. This is why OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) have become an indispensable component of today’s global industrial supply chain.

White Globe helps some of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers translate a range of technical documents such as user manuals, maintenance guides, and marketing collateral in all European and Asian languages so they can expand in international markets with speed.

White Globe platform-based translation ecosystem allows our OEM clients to manage all of their translation activities including translation memory and terminology management in one central location, delivering unrivalled localization performance.

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