White Globe provides fast and professional railroad translation services in over 350 languages. We help the world’s leading rail companies and railroad equipment manufacturers grow business globally across linguistic barriers, one accurately translated rail technical document at a time.

Accurate Railway Translations for International Success

Are you a rail company manufacturing railroad equipment and need to translate your technical documents from English to Chinese, English to Portuguese, or English to French? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide fast and professional technical translation services for a variety of railway products and systems so our clients can confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in translating for the rail industry with the highest level of technical precision and linguistic accuracy.
White Globe translate all of the following railroad equipment and technologies.

  • Locomotives
  • Electric Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Signalling Systems
  • Rail Track Manufacturing
  • Magnetic Levitation (Maglev)
  • Railway Electrification Systems
  • High-Speed Railway Systems
  • Rail Surfacing Equipment
  • Rail Grinding Equipment
  • Passenger Car Manufacturing
  • Freight Car Manufacturing
  • Track Construction Equipment
  • Rail Tie Equipment
  • Carriages and Wagons
  • Rail Maintenance Machines
  • Automated Track-Laying Machines
  • On Track Equipment
  • High Rail Equipment
  • Ballast Stabilization Equipment
High Speed Rail Translations You Can Trust

Is your company engaged in the development of next generation high speed trains and technologies to meet 21st century transportation needs? Then you’ve found the perfect language service partner to help scale your business ambitions globally.

We provide professional translation services for a variety of high speed rail systems and construction equipment such as the latest maglev technologies, bullet trains, electrified rolling stock, and continuous track construction.

White Globe translates all types of high-speed-rail documentation including operating manuals, safety guides, and maintenance instructions with accuracy and speed, between English and Chinese, English and Japanese, and English and German and many other languages.

We are a leader in multilingual terminology management solutions that ensure all of your important technical terms for high speed rail equipment are translated accurately and consistently across languages and products.

Railroad Construction Equipment Translation

Construction of modern rail transport systems involves many sophisticated machinery equipment from ballast handling to track laying. To export your equipment to international markets, you must translate all of the technical documents into local languages to ensure safety compliance while delivering the best international customer experience.

The good news is translating your rail construction equipment documents with quality doesn’t have to a complicated understanding. White Globe has the linguistic experience, localization best practices, and language technology solutions to ensure the most accurate railway construction equipment translations without breaking your bank.

Just send us your product owner’s manuals and technical documents, we will get them translated with precision and speed. White Globe helps our clients translate rail equipment into over 350 language so they can expand business globally and drive international growth with confidence.

Rail Technologies Translated Right

The global rail industry is ushering in a new era of large scale technology innovations to replace older generations of trains and railway infrastructure to meet modern transportation needs.

This creates multi-billion dollar opportunities for international rail companies that invest in next-gen software applications and systems to harness the power of big data and automation to deliver improved safety, speed, and superior customer services worldwide.

White Globe has expert experience in end-to-end software localization in all Asian and European languages. Our platform translation management system makes is easy for rail technology companies to manage all of their multilingual content and resources in one central location.

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