White Globe helps the world’s leading CRO companies achieve business success in international clinical research, drug discovery, and clinical trials with the best language translation services.

Professional CRO Translations that Set the Standard

Are you a contract research organization facing the challenge of translating your clinical outcome assessments (COA) with quality and speed in order to meet FDA, EMEA, NMPA, and other international regulatory requirements? Then you’ve found the perfect partner. White Globe has the experience, methodologies, linguistic resources, and next-gen language technologies to deliver the best localization ROI.

Our professional clinical research translation solutions redefine linguistic validation services for both CRO and their pharmaceutical sponsors alike for improved clinical trial outcomes and drug approval processes. White Globe is powered by hundreds of professional, native clinical translators and subject matter experts in all major Asian and European languages, who are supported by our industry leading translation management technology solutions to deliver unrivalled CRO translation performance.

Consistent and quality CRO translations is a product of linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, best-in-class processes, and increasingly, AI-powered language localization technologies that leverage the best of machine-human capabilities. White Globe next-gen clinical translation solutions delivered on all devices and content channels sets the gold standard for simpler, faster, and more cost-effective CRO translation services.

White Globe is one of the first language services company to introduce patient centric linguistic technologies that greatly facilitate patients’ participation in multilingual clinical outcome assessments. White Globe helps our CRO clients beat their competitors and get ahead fast globally.

Linguistic Validation

CRO companies rely on linguistic validation services to ensure the most accurate translation results for a range of clinical trial documents such as patient reported outcomes (PRO), clinician reported outcomes (ClinRo), and observer reported outcomes (ObsRo), as well as informed consent forms and patient recruitment materials. Ordinary translation processes lack the scientific rigor and in-depth quality assurance methods to guarantee the validity and absolute accuracy of the translated content. This means linguistic validation is beyond the service scope of most translation companies due to demanding linguistic requirements, global infrastructure, and language technology R&D. Only the most experienced localization service suppliers like White Globe are fully equipped to deliver linguistic validation services for CRO and pharmaceutical companies with quality, speed, and scale.

White Globe Linguistic Validation solutions use the modern platform and the latest EDC (electronic document capturing) technologies to help our clients better organize multilingual translation activities, streamline localization processes, and improve language service performance.

Complete CRO Translation Solutions

Whether you need specialized language translation for niche clinical trials, emerging market trials, evidence-based trials, adaptive trials, or eClinical solutions, White Globe has the linguistic resources and technical tools to meet all your CRO translation requirements, on time and on budget. In addition, linguistic validation, White Globe can help you better organize all of your translation related activities such as translation memory management, terminology development, linguistic resource evaluation, and multilingual electronic data storage all in one central platform on the platform. Talk to our solution architect today and see how White Globe can help you reach a high level of international CRO success.

Accurate Clinical Trial Service

Modern clinical trial translations are complex, involving sophisticated processes and subject matter experts such as doctors and clinicians to validate and harmonize the translated results. White Globe disrupts the old translation models by transforming professional clinical trial language services onto a fast, easy, and powerful online translation platform that allows our CRO clients to organize the entire clinical trial translation lifecycle, from initial forward translation, reconciliation, to back translation, validation, and cognitive debriefing.
Better yet, our patented mobile translation technology allows doctors and clinicians to easily review translations on their smart phones in addition to desktop computers for results that are better than ever. White Globe helps the world’s leading CRO companies obtain language translations with the best quality, speed, and competitive service.

Accelerating CRO Emerging Market Success

The global contract research market is becoming increasingly competitive as the need to drive down cost continues to increase. Compared to the USA and Europe, emerging countries are much less expensive for conducting preclinical as well as Phase 1 through 4 of clinical trials that are integral to the drug discovery and development process. However, emerging market expansion means CRO companies increasingly require professional clinical translation services in Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Latin American Spanish, and other Asian and European languages.

This is why you need White Globe, the language industry leader with the experience and know-how for all types of CRO translations services, including niche and the latest adaptive trials. With an extensive presence in China, as well as other parts of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, White Globe helps CRO companies succeed in outsourced clinical trials in emerging markets.

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