White Globe’s game-changing professional medical interpretation services and solutions help hospitals and healthcare organizations communicate with non-English speaking patients easily, in any language.

Accurate Interpretation for Your Healthcare Operations without Breaking the Bank

Are you struggling with old-fashioned medical interpretation services that are too costly or inefficient? Then you’ve found the perfect translation partner. White Globe is the first in the language industry to bring on-demand medical interpretation services to smart phones and iPads, allowing hospitals, nursing homes, and medical clinics to receive on-the-go language interpretation support over the phone, via video, or on-site.

Our next-gen medical interpretation solutions are purposely built to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies and location-based services (LBS) so translators who are based closest to the service location are notified of your interpretation requests for the fastest response. Powered by a large team of professional, certified medical interpreters in over 350 languages, White Globe delivers unrivalled medical interpretation performance the healthcare industry has ever seen.

Medical interpretation is a major business challenge for healthcare organizations as hospitals and medical clinics increasingly serve non-English speaking patients whose native tongue may be Spanish, Chinese, Creole, or another language. U.S. laws and regulations require healthcare service providers to communicate with patients in their native language in order to obtain a clear understanding of treatment options and informed consent. This is why patient interpretation has been in such big demand. However, traditional medical interpretation models using ad-hoc processes are not only costly, but also difficult to schedule and too slow. This is why healthcare organizations desperately need a modern solution like White Globe that makes it easy to schedule for on-demand medical interpretation services anytime and anywhere. Like Uber that has modernized shared ride services, White Globe has transformed professional medical interpretation to be faster, cheaper, and better.

How It Works

With White Globe, it’s easy to schedule your next medical interpretation session in one of three ways: over the phone, via video call, or on-site.

Medical Interpretation over Video

White Globe modernizes medical interpretation services by bringing language professionals to your fingertips via video. Our on-demand linguistic solutions for healthcare organizations allow your medical staff to hire an interpreter from our pool of pre-approved, certified medical translators. Video interpretation is not only fast and convenient, it also offers all the benefits of traditional in-person interpretation while reducing translation costs. Talk to our solution experts today to get more details on our next-gen medical interpretation solutions.

Medical Interpretation - Simplified

Finally, getting certified medical interpreter services to support your healthcare operations has never been easier. White Globe has revolutionized the way medical interpretation is scheduled and delivered so you can achieve the best patient experience across languages.

On-Demand Medical Interpretation When You Need It

White Globe provides a full range of medical interpretation services to leading healthcare organizations that are simple, fast, and cost-effective. Our on-demand medical interpretation is delivered over the phone, on-site and in-person. Our certified medical interpreters use the White Globe App to receive live interpretation requests and then immediately provide interpretation over a mobile phone, anytime.

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