We help international pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and biotech companies grow business in China with fast and accurate Medical Translation Services in Simplified Chinese.

The Best Chinese Medical Translation Services

Professional Chinese medical translation services require more than linguistic experience and medical subject knowledge, it also demands expert understanding of China’s regulatory affairs as well as the ability to employ modern language technology solutions for the best localization quality and efficiency. With our extensive presence throughout China and our in-depth Chinese life sciences translation experience, global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies rely on White Globe to deliver expert medical translations that help them accurately and confidently communicate with local regulatory authorities and Chinese consumers. No other translation companies come close to White Globe for our exceptional ability to get your medical content translated into Simplified Chinese with quality and speed for your China market expansion.

Chinese Medical Translation Management on the Platform

Modern Chinese medical translation requirements are complex. Companies must translate a variety of medical content such as clinical trial documentation, clinical studies, patient consent forms, information for use, product labels, patient medical records, medical device software, online help, medical patents, company websites, and marketing collaterals into Simplified Chinese. Medical translation is both required by the law and for foreign businesses to create the best customer experience in China. This is why the old ad hoc approach to medical translation is no longer sufficient to most efficiently manage these diversified language translation activities.

White Globe has developed a powerful platform-based translation management system that uses the latest web 3.0 technology and AI to help our clients manage all of their Chinese medical translation activities end-to-end and online.

Chinese Medical Terminology Translation

White Globe is not your ordinary Chinese medical translator, we are a leading provider for high quality medical translations for the Chinese market. This is because we’ve helped top medical companies translate medical terminology (medical dictionary) into Simplified Chinese that are approved by China’s CFDA. This incredible accomplishment means White Globe sets the standard for accurate Chinese medical translation services. Some other translation companies use our medical terminology translations for their own life sciences translation work in Simplified Chinese.

Chinese Medical Patent Translations

Do you need your medical patents translated into Simplified Chinese? Then look no further than White Globe. We understand translation accuracy is key to ensuring the best intellectual property protection in China. White Globe not only helps the world’s leading life sciences companies translate their medical patents into Simplified Chinese, we also help our clients file their patent applications in China with local patent law firms and partners. White Globe works with local patent law firms and patent attorneys to provide the complete medical patent translation solutions for the Chinese market.

Chinese Clinical Trial Translation Services

With the single largest population in the world that’s rapidly aging, China provides a fertile background for foreign life sciences companies to launch new drugs and introduce modern medical devices in order to capture lucrative business opportunities. However, to comply with Chinese regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical companies must translate clinical trials documentation into Simplified Chinese, and in some cases, conduct full scale clinical trials in China. This is why you need White Globe, the leading language services provider for professional Chinese clinical trial translation solutions.

In addition to helping our clients translate their clinical trial protocols, clinical research studies, and patient consent forms with accuracy and speed, White Globe also allows our medical clients to centralize all of their clinical trial documents in both English and Chinese on the cloud for the most efficient search, review, and delivery. Our innovative clinical trial translation solutions simplify professional Chinese language localization so our clients can get ahead faster in the Greater China market.

Chinese Medical Software Localization

Are you looking for an experienced translation partner with the linguistic and technical skills to localize your medical device software into Simplified Chinese? Then you’ve come to the right place. White Globe has helped top life sciences companies to most efficiently translate their medical software interface strings, online help, and user documentation into Simplified Chinese. In addition to language translations, White Globe is also highly experienced with localization testing, linguistic, and cosmetic validation of the localized product in Chinese. Talk to White Globe sales for a more in-depth presentation of our software localization services and solutions.

Let Chinese Doctors Translate

White Globe has greatly simplified language translation and linguistic review onto an easy-to-use mobile chat interface. Our patented mobile translation technology solutions, for the first time, allow Chinese medical doctors and health care professionals to easily review Chinese translations with the convenience of mobile devices anytime and anywhere. As a result, we’re able to deliver the best linguistic results in Simplified Chinese that are second to none. Talk to us today for a customized solution for your Chinese medical translation needs.

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