White Globe provides expert language translation services that enable digital health to accurately diagnose and treat diseases for international patients, enhancing the delivery of health care across linguistic barriers.

Digital Heath Translations You Can Trust

The digital revolution has transformed many industries and the healthcare sector is no exception. Digital health uses modern information technologies, such as mobile phones, wearable devices, telemedicine, big data, machine learning, platform-based analysis, and IoT monitoring sensors, to deliver more accurate and efficient health care. However, to ensure international success, digital health solutions must accurately translate a variety of content into Chinese, French, Spanish and many other languages to deliver the desired results and comply with local regulations.

This is why you need White Globe. We provide ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified language translation services for all digital health technology solutions with quality and speed, in over 350 languages.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional native translators and health industry subject matter experts to deliver linguistically fluently and medically accurate language translations in all European, Asian, and South American languages. We’re also a leading company in modern digital translation solutions perfectly developed for digital health localization requirements across all technology platforms.

White Globe’s translation management system leverages AI and machine learning to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare translation services at scale. White Globe is one of the first companies to support multichannel translation solutions, allowing our clients to receive professionally translated content across all content channels (docs, web, email, SMS, over-the-phone) and devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.)

White Globe’s agile, always-on, and continuous translation solutions help the world’s leading digital health companies stay ahead of the competition in international markets and accelerate global revenue growth.

Electronic Health Records Translations

Is your organization using electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care and need a variety of information translated in order to supply multilingual data to support your digital health operations? Then look no further than White Globe. We provide accurate and scalable multilingual EHR translation services in over 350 languages.

Electronic health records contain a variety of patient information such as demographics, medical history, medication logs, allergy reports, immunization (vaccination) status, lab test results, radiology images, vital signs, and personal statistics (age, height, and weight.) For international health organizations, such information often must be made available in different languages to ensure quality care. White Globe has expert experience translating health records that come in editable PDF formats as well as scanned files with efficiency.

Electronic health record translations often involve working with scanned documents that add to localization complexity, leading to prolonged project turnaround and increased translation costs. White Globe has an automated multilingual OCR (optical character recognition) solution so that we can most efficiently translate all types of EHR documents with quality and at scale. Talk to one of our digital health translation consultants today to learn how White Globe can help your organization professionally localize your electronic health records for multilingual success.

Digital Health Documents Translated Right

White Globe provide professional clinical, medical translation, and localization services for a variety of healthcare documents including patient forms, informed consent, or clinical data reports. Whether you’re creating eHealth documents using the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) or the latest FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) protocols, we have the linguistic experience and language technology tools to translate all of your healthcare documentation with quality and speed.

White Globe uses both translation memory and terminology management on the platform to ensure the most efficient digital health document translation solutions in terms of linguistic quality, fast turnaround, and reduced localization costs.

Mobile Health Meets Mobile Translation

Mobile health, or mHealth, powered by smartphones and medical apps that allow patients to more conveniently report health data and doctors to make better clinical decisions, play a major part of the global digital health campaign for improved medical outcomes and enhanced efficiency.

White Globe is the first translation company to introduce a mobile-centric translation solution that is ideally positioned to localize all of your mHealth materials with quality and speed. Whether you need your mobile health apps localized or on-demand mobile translations to support your patient-centric solutions, we have the technology and linguistic resources to get the job done right without breaking the bank. We help the world’s leading mobile health companies succeed in international markets, one quality translated sentence at a time, in over 350 languages.

Digital Health Translations on the Platform

Are you developing platform-based health platforms that connect patient-recorded data with digital health applications and need to translate your digital content into Spanish, French, and Japanese to meet international customer requirements? The platform plays an increasingly important role in modern health solutions such as telemedicine, clinical big data analysis, and remote diagnostics. A whole host of emerging healthcare technologies rely on the platform for the delivery of medical services and patient care.

This is why you need White Globe. We’re a platform translation company perfectly suited for translating your digital health content on-demand and continuously on the web, using fully automated online translation workflows. White Globe has developed a full suite of translation APIs to easily integrate our on-demand translation services with a variety of third-party systems for unrivalled localization performance.

Professional Medical Translation Services

As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified translation company, White Globe provides accurate medical translation services for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, as well as CRO and biotech organizations. We lead the industry in medical terminology management best practices and linguistic validation solutions for consistent and quality medical translation services for a variety of life sciences content. White Globe helps our medical clients localize IFUs (information for use), drug inserts, clinical studies, clinical trial reports, and medical patents with quality and speed.

On-Demand Interpretation for Digital Health

Language interpretation is increasingly an important requirement for digital health solutions delivering care to multilingual patients. U.S. laws require healthcare organizations to provide patients who don’t speak English with language interpretation to ensure informed consent.

White Globe has developed a number of technology solutions to simplify professional language services, allowing our clients to obtain on-demand medical interpretation easily using their mobile phone. White Globe also provides in-person interpretation as well as OTP (over the phone) and via video interpretation services.

Professional Telehealth Translations

Telehealth (or telemedicine) is an important component of digital heath by using modern electronic technologies to diagnose, treat, monitor, and care for patients remotely. White Globe has the linguistic resources and translation solutions in localizing a variety of telehealth products and services to help healthcare professionals deliver the best multilingual patient experience. In addition to providing patients with more efficient, convenient medical care in the comfort of their homes, telehealth has become an important tool for social distancing as well as professional distancing in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, or other pandemics in the world.

White Globe has expert experience translating health videos, store-and-forward documents, remote patient monitoring applications, and a range of mobile health solutions (both software and hardware) in over 350 languages. As a leading company in platform-powered, mobile-enabled translation services, White Globe is ideally positioned to provide our telehealth clients with high quality, on-demand language services that shorten project turnaround and time-to-market.

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