White Globe provides accurate medical document translation services with speed so life sciences companies and healthcare organizations can confidently engage international customers and multilingual patients across languages.

Struggling with Your Medical Document Translations?

No problem. White Globe modern medical document translation solutions can help you improve linguistic accuracy and consistency while reducing turnaround time and cost. White Globe has redefined professional document translation services by effectively combining best-in-class processes with our powerful digital document translation system to deliver the best results. We’re able to translate better and faster than ever before because our next-gen document localization ecosystem streamlines the entire medical document translation process from automated file analysis and quotation to real-time progress tracking and AI-powered project management. At the same time, we’ve invested heavily in language resource management by recruiting the best medical linguists the industry has to offer. We enable our medical linguists to translate faster and more efficiently with real-time platform-based terminology and linguistic review capabilities that are second to none.

We Translate All Types of Medical Documents in 350+ Languages

White Globe has the professional expertise, and battlefield tested localization experiences translating a variety of medical and healthcare documents. These include clinical trial documents, medical device manuals, IFUs (information for use), patient consent forms, packaging labels, medical software help documentation, regulatory affair submissions, and The Common Technical Document (CTD). We own the industry’s largest medical terminology database with over 300K life sciences terms in over 350 languages. Our platform-based translation ecosystem ensures the most efficient document translation solutions.

  • Clinical Trial Documents
  • Medical Device Manuals
  • Medical Software Online Help
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Common Technical Document (CDT)
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Medical Research Protocols
  • Product Labels
  • Patient Records
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Clinical White Paper
  • Marketing Brochure
  • Electronic Health Records
  • M4Q, M4S, & M4E Documents
Automated Translation Solutions for CMS and XML DITA Documents

Is your business using modern CMS (content management system) or XML DITA to develop your medical documentation in English and then translate into Chinese, German, and other languages? Then you’ve found the perfect partner to localize your medical content with the best quality and speed. We have in-depth medical document localization knowledge and advanced language technology solutions powered with AI to support automated processing of XML and XLIFF content for the best multilingual translations. Better yet, our translation APIs now allow White Globe to receive content and return translated results uninterrupted for a fully automated document localization process, delivering unrivalled speed and scalability.

Agile and On-Demand

In today’s rapidly growing digital economy, life science companies increasingly need to have their medical documents translated fast with quality to meet regulatory compliance requirements as well as to secure international market share. Medical documents that used to take weeks to translate are now needed in days or even hours. This is why you need White Globe, the language industry leader for agile, high-quality translation services with fast speed and scalability. We do this by taking advantage of our powerful AI-enabled online translation management system that most efficiently handles and processes each step of the language localization lifecycle. Our platform translation memory solutions allow the reuse of legacy translations in real time for both linguistic consistency and fast turnaround. Our patented mobile technology notifies our medical linguists instantly of your document translation requests and then allows them to begin translating across all devices immediately.

We Support All Document Formats

White Globe translates medical documents in a variety of file formats including PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, XML, DITA, XLIFF, Madcap Flare, and many more. Just send us the documents, tell us the languages, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Best Customer Service

White Globe’s translation model is all about delivering the best customer experience. We’re proud to provide excellent customer service the way it used to be. No other company comes close to White Globe in terms of the top-notch attention and care we give to our customers. Our highly experienced and dedicated customer facing team comprising of Sales Manager, Project manager and Customer Success Manager assists our clients on each step of the medical document translation process. We value our customer’s feedback so much that we’re the first translation company to enable our clients to rate our performance for each document translation project. White Globe document translation process is the most transparent service available in the market, so our clients can grow their international success with confidence.

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