White Globe provides fast and professional dental equipment translation services in 350 languages. We translate all dentistry related content with quality and speed so our clients can confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers.

Accurate Dental Translations You Can Trust

Are you a manufacturer of dental equipment and medical devices, and need to translate your product documents and software apps into Asian, European and Latin American languages? Then you’ve found the perfect partner. We help the world’s leading dental equipment companies achieve greater international success by providing ISO certified dental translation services that support the successful diagnosis and treatment of patients across linguistic barriers. White Globe translates technical documentation, marketing collateral and training content for a wide variety of dental systems and solutions such as X-ray imaging machines, diagnostic equipment, treatment devices, dental software, and lab instruments in over 350 languages with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision.

Professional dental translation services must follow stringent quality assurance processes in order to deliver consistent and quality multilingual results that ensure the best customer experience and compliance with local regulatory requirements.

White Globe is a both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, allowing our clients to receive professional dental translations that drive international success. Powered by one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and dental subject matter experts, we’re able to turn around a variety of document translations with speed.

White Globe is a leader in modern, platform-based translation solutions, allowing our dental clients to streamline the translation process end-to-end as well as manage all localization related assets such as translation memory, terminology, reference materials, and multilingual documents in one central location.

Dental Imaging Translated Right

White Globe provides expert translation services for dental X-ray machines, 3D oral imaging systems, and display software applications between English and Spanish, English and German, English and Japanese, and many other language pairs. We translate a variety of technical documents such as user’s manuals, warning labels, software strings, compliance documentation, training courses, and medical device patents for a range dental imaging equipment.

In addition to having a large team of professional native translators, White Globe has one of the language industry’s leading dental terminology databases to ensure linguistically fluent and technically accurate dental translations on a consistent basis.

Professional Translation for Handpieces

Are you a medical device company manufacturing or distributing dental handpieces such as air-driven devices or small electric surgical equipment? Chances are you need a variety of technical information translated when marketing these dental instruments in overseas markets. White Globe has experience translating information for use (IFU), product guides, warning labels, as well as marketing materials between English and Chinese, English and German, English and French, and many other languages.

Global life sciences regulations have strict quality requirements for accurate handpiece documentation translations and this is why you need White Globe. We provide expert dental handpiece translation services with certified quality so our clients can grow business globally with confidence. White Globe translates all of the following dental handpieces and more.

  • High-speed Air-Driven Handpieces
  • Low-speed Air-Driven Handpieces
  • Electric Powered Handpieces
  • Air-Driven Surgical Handpieces
  • Electric Surgical Handpieces
  • Dental Imaging Handpieces
  • Laboratory Handpieces
  • Portable Dental Accessories
Dental Software Localization

Are you developing software apps for your X-ray imaging machines and dental equipment and need to translate your application user interface strings, help documents, and websites into a variety of languages? Then look no further than White Globe. We provide end-to-end software localization solutions for a range of software-driven dental instruments as well as medical devices.

We have the linguistic experience, localization best practice, and technical know-how to streamline dental software localization with unrivalled performance. Our next-gen translation management system on the platform allows our clients to manage translation memory, UI strings, product terminology, and linguistic resources in one central location for the highest level of translation quality and efficiency.

Multilingual eLearning Translation

Dental equipment manufacturers increasingly use online courses and e-learning materials to educate and train their customers and international staff alike for important product information and usage instructions. White Globe provides one-stop shop for all of our clients’ dental eLearning translation needs. In addition to text translation, we help our clients localize videos with foreign language subtitling, voice-over or dubbing services. We also have experience translating online quizzes as part of our integrated eLearning translation solutions with learning management systems (LMS).

Orthodontic Translations for International Success

Orthodontics are rapidly gaining popularity among international patients from Japan, China, Eastern Europe, and many other countries. This creates tremendous opportunities for companies providing orthodontic equipment and supplies to grow business on a global scale. However, to market your products and services internationally, you must translate a variety of technical documents, marketing collateral, websites into Asian and European languages. This is why you need White Globe. We provide technically accurate and competitive translations for the orthodontics industry so our clients can grow fast in global markets and stay ahead of the competition.

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