White Globe helps top organizations and start-ups in biotechnology medicine, biotechnology agriculture and biotechnology manufacturing industries accelerate international success with the best biotech translation services in over 350 languages.

Best-In-Class Biotechnology Translations by Subject Matter Experts

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified translation agency, White Globe provides technically accurate and linguistically fluent biotechnology translation services for our clients in bio medical, bio agriculture, bioengineering, and biotech manufacturing industries. We combine professional in-country translators, linguistic reviewers, publishers, QA testers and project managers with best-in-class localization processes and next-gen platform translation technologies to deliver the best biotech translation ROI. White Globe offers a full range of centralized biotechnology translation solutions on the platform, covering all major biotech related contents, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), regulatory compliance documents, and eLearning courses. We translate biotechnology documents into over 350 native tongues, spanning all major European, Asian, South American, and African languages.

Accurate and efficient translation of biotechnology content on a consistent basis requires more than linguistic experience and subject matter expertise, it also needs mature localization processes and multilingual translation management best practices leveraging modern digital technologies. White Globe’s next-gen, platform-based translation ecosystem allows biotechnology companies and organizations to centrally manage translation memory, bioscience terminology, multilingual style guides, and language references in one central place for the best linguistic quality and localization efficiency. Our biotech language services range from multilingual document translation, software localization, training and video translations, website globalization, to desktop publishing and language interpretation.

Biotechnology Medicine Translated right

Are you a pharmaceutical company or biotech start-up developing novel drugs, vaccines, or gene therapies and need to translate your drug discovery studies, biotech research reports, or biopharma documents between English and German, English and Chinese, or English and French? Then look no further than White Globe. We’re a leader in translating biomedical sciences with unrivalled quality and speed. White Globe has a large team of professional medical translators and biotech subject matter experts in over 350 languages to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate bio medicine translation services with speed and scale.

Talk to one of our biomedicine translation consultants today and learn how White Globe can help your brand achieve greater international success with one professionally translated biotechnology medical document at a time.

Professional Bio-Agriculture Translation Services

Biotechnology plays an ever increasing role in modern agriculture by optimizing plant genetics to better resist insects, increase yields, and provide higher nutrition values. White Globe helps agrobiotechnology companies and ag-biotech start-ups translate a variety of technical documents into European, Asian, Latin American, and African languages so they can grow business globally and generate worldwide revenue. Whether you need to translate GMO documents for transgenic crops, or bioengineering training courses for improved agriculture, White Globe has the linguistic resources and localization expertise to get the job done right, with quality and speed.

Contact us today to see how White Globe can help accelerate your company’s international bio-agricultural success by removing linguistic barriers in over 350 languages.

Accurate Biomanufacturing Translations

White Globe is a leader in modern, agile, and just-in-time manufacturing translation services that deliver the best linguistic quality at speed and scale. We help our clients in biomanufacturing and bioengineering industries translate a variety of technical documents used in the production of biomaterials and biomolecules for medicine, food and beverage, and industrial applications. The contents we regularly localize include lean manufacturing documentation translations, bioreactor user manuals translation, biology lab technicians guide localization, and biomanufacturing eLearning courses translation. In addition to having one of the largest teams of professional linguistic talents and biomedical subject matter experts, White Globe also has a platform-based multilingual biotechnology database on nomenclature and terminology so we can translate your biomanufacturing content with accuracy and consistency.

We Translate these Biotechnology Products and Services

White Globe has the linguistic experts to translate all major areas of biotechnology with accuracy and speed.

  • Biotech translations for life sciences and human health technologies
  • Animal health and marine biology translation
  • Agriculture and genetically engineered plant technologies localization
  • Environmental sustainability and natural resource protection translation
  • Bio-industrial applications translation and localization
  • Biomanufacturing documentation translation and localization
  • Biotechnology patents, whitepapers, and presentations translation
  • DNA coding, mapping and sequencing documentation translation
  • Subcellular organisms engineering document localization
  • Cell and tissue culture engineering translation services
  • Protein sequencing, synthesis and engineering translations
Biochemical Translation Services

The biochemical markets are experiencing rapid growth globally as a result of increased R&D in applying chemical processes to living organisms to develop new treatments for diseases in the life science and healthcare fields, as well as new methods to maximize crop yields in agriculture.

White Globe has the linguistic resources and language technology solutions to help biochemical companies translate a variety of technical documents for various applications including biochemical reagents, viral vaccines, and plant growth regulators. Better yet, we have simplified professional biochemical translations services by moving the entire localization workflow to an online model. Simply send/upload your documents to obtain a quote. Upon your approval, our pre-approved biochemical translators are immediately assigned to begin translating, while being aided by our online terminology management and linguistic validation technologies.

Stem Cell Translation Services

Cell biology holds important potential for the treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and coronavirus. This is why there has been a worldwide push for stem cell research for the development of next-gen cell-based treatments and vaccines for the betterment of human lives.

White Globe offers accurate language translations for a range of genetic engineering and cell biology research activities between English and Spanish, English and Japanese, and English and Portuguese to support the world’s leading biotechnology companies expand business in international markets. Better yet, we’ve developed one of the language industry’s best translation ecosystem on the platform so our clients can centrally translation memories, terminology glossaries, linguistic resources, and multilingual documents in one central place.

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