White Globe revolutionizes the way companies localize software for rapid international release. Our best-in-class software translation and localization services and solutions are purposely designed to accelerate agile development on all platforms.

Software Translation Services for All Platforms and Devices

Software localization for both desktop and mobile devices is one of the most difficult but necessary areas in translation. White Globe is up for the challenge; our network of subject matter experts (SMEs), translators, and engineers will help you with all pre- and post-translation processing in programming in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C, C++, JSON, C-Sharp, Java, and other machine languages. Localizing digital content and software is a core part of our technology-driven translation identity.

Finally, In-Context Software Localization

Software localization involves translating GUI (graphic user interface) strings into different target languages. Unlike document translation where sentences and paragraphs are translated as they are, software GUI strings are usually stored in separate resource files with ID numbers that lack context information. This means translators don’t see how each string is displayed or used within the software, leading to potential issues with translation accuracy as well as text truncation (due to language expansions like German and Dutch.) White Globe solves this age-old dilemma with our innovative software localization technology solutions.

With White Globe, localizing software applications with quality and efficiency is easy. Simply upload the resource files and software screenshots onto our online translation portal, and White Globe will automatically map each GUI string to the actual screenshot in real time, allowing our linguists to view full context information during translation. This leads to significantly improved linguistic quality and technical accuracy while reducing software localization turnaround time.

Agile development meets just-in-time translation

The software industry is increasingly agile, employing an iterative and incremental approach to application development. As such, frequent updates are inevitable, leading to constant, fragmented translation needs. White Globe’ just-in-time (JIT) translation model caters perfectly to these continuous translation needs, allowing developers more time to focus on their software and still gain time-to-market advantage.

DevOps Translated Continuously

Many software companies are embracing DevOps to shorten application development life cycle while delivering the highest software quality. A major component of DevOps is to achieve continuous delivery in order to reduce time-to-market. When it comes to releasing software products internationally, this means translation services must be provided continuously using an on-demand, automated translation workflow.

White Globe is a leading company in continuous translation solutions. With our platform-based and always-on translation model, White Globe helps the world’s leading software companies stay ahead of the competition in global markets.

White Globe will localize the following in 350+ languages:

Applications for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
Customer relationship management applications
Enterprise resource planning systems
Payroll and billing software
Database and storage software
Inventory and asset management software
Mobile Apps

User Interface Localization

User interface localization is the single most important step for globalizing your software product. Localizing your user interface includes everything from translating text strings to adjusting the layout of your interface to suit each linguistic and cultural context.

White Globe can make localizing your user interface as easy as pressing a button. We match you up with in-country translators who specialize in localizing your type of software. White Globe’ built-in terminology management system means that we can ensure translation consistency while minimizing costs. Our translation platform also lets you browse and select translators by subject matter expertise and translation history, so each localized version of your software operates just as smoothly as the original.

Holistic Testing

White Globe’ mobile translation platform is ideal for localization testing of mobile-centric software. Localization testing ensures that the quality of the localized application matches that of the source product. Once localized, software should be verified on various user platforms to see if the translated versions operate smoothly and the text has been applied correctly.

White Globe lets its engineers and translators engage in linguistic testing and cosmetic testing. Linguistic testing is a double check of the translated software, systematically verifying each translated line of text for accuracy.

White Globe uses professional in-country translators with subject matter expertise for linguistic testing and verification. Cosmetic testing is also an essential step to ensure the localized software is free of truncation, misalignment and other layout issues. Our localizers have a framework for examining your localized software for common mistakes and ironing out any issues.

Industry Expertise

White Globe is backed a global network of thousands of subject matter experts that is growing daily. White Globe’ mobile translation approach makes translation accessible to bilingual subject matter experts who previously had been shut out of the translation process. That means bilingual computer scientists, programmers, and designers can now contribute to translation. To the client, that translates into a serious understanding of your localization needs as well as the technical expertise to execute on all types of software localization. White Globe can help with every step of the localization process, including pre- and post-translation processing.

White Globe’ also draws on more than a decade of software localization experience through its parent company, CSOFT. Previous clients include some of the largest players in software engineering, computer hardware, information technology, mobile, and data storage.

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