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White Globe helps IT companies accelerate international business success with fast and professional information technology translation services in over 350 languages. We enable software companies, technology hardware manufacturers, and semiconductor equipment firms stay ahead of the competition in international markets, one accurately translated IT product at a time.

Accurate Information Technology Translation You Can Trust

Are you a high tech company launching information technology products globally and need to accurately translate software apps, user manuals, online helps, or training documentation into Spanish, Japanese, or Dutch? Look no further than White Globe.

We provide best-in-class language translations for the IT industry in all Asian, European, Latin American, and most African languages. Quality language translation is the key in delivering improved performance and the best user experience among international customers.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional IT translators and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for the information technology industry, delivering the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision. Our unique platform-based translation management system, powered with AI and machine learning and available across all content channels and devices, disrupts the language industry for unrivalled localization efficiency and scalability.

Consistent, accurate IT translation services require linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, localization best practices, and increasingly, AI powered language technologies that leverage the best of machine-human capabilities.

White Globe’s platform based translation solutions support machine learning, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review, allowing our professional IT translators to deliver the highest quality language translations for software, technology hardware, and semiconductor equipment with efficiency and scale. Try White Globe next-gen, agile, and on-demand translation services today and raise your multilingual information technology performance to a higher level of success.

Software Translation Services in 350+ Languages

White Globe is a leader in modern translation and localization solutions for the software industry. We translate all types of software applications, including enterprise software, system software, online databases, Internet services, and video games with quality and speed.

White Globe’s agile, on-demand, continuous translation capabilities on the platform are purposely built to meet today’s iterative, DevOps software development processes for rapid application deployment across all languages. Better yet, White Globe’s industry-leading technology platform allows our professional linguists to view GUI strings as they appear on the user interface (UI) in real time, ensuring the most accurate language translations the first time around, while eliminating much of the need for tedious and time-consuming localization testing and bug fixing.

The following are some of the software applications we translate:
Virtualization Software
CAD Software
Ecommerce Platforms
Office Automation Applications
CAE Software
Video Games
Internet Services
System Software
Mobile Apps
Learning Management Systems

Technology Hardware Translations

Is your company involved with designing, manufacturing, or distributing computer hardware, storage systems, or peripheral components for international markets? Chances are you need to translate a variety of technical documents such as owner’s manuals, operating instructions, or training documents into Chinese, German, Arabic, Indonesian, and many other languages in order to engage overseas customers and comply with local regulations and laws. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide expert computer hardware translation services as an integral component of our IT localization offerings. White Globe has one of the largest multilingual IT terminology databases within the language industry, allowing our professional translators to accurately translate information technology documentation without sacrificing speed or breaking the bank. The following is a list of computer hardware products we localize:

CPUs (central processing units)
RAM (random access memory)
GPUs (graphics processing units)
NICs (network interface cards)
USBs (universal serial buses)
Storage drives
Optical drives
Network servers
Peripheral devices
Computer mouses
Display monitors
Digital cameras

Semiconductor Translation Services

White Globe provides comprehensive IT translation services for the global semiconductor market in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages. We translate a full range of technical documents for fabless chipmakers, semiconductor foundries, as well as capital equipment manufacturers with accuracy and speed. Whether you need your integrated circuits, microprocessors, or memory chips translated into Japanese, Korean, Dutch, or any other languages, we have the linguistic resources and localization technologies to get the job done right, on-time and on-budget.

White Globe translates all semiconductor related content such as user manuals, technology patents, eLearning courses and more, enabling our clients to launch simultaneous product releases across languages.

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