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White Globe provides fast and professional IoT translation services so the Internet of Things and edge computing device manufactures can achieve global success, one accurately translated technical document at a time.

Accurate IoT Translations You Can Trust

Are you manufacturing the Internet of Things or developing next-gen edge computing devices to meet rapidly growing demands by both consumers and businesses around the world for smart, connected technologies? Chances are you need to translate a variety of technical documents between English and Spanish, English and Portuguese, and English and Japanese, as well as many other languages to engage customers globally across linguistic barriers.

White Globe has a large team of professional linguists and subject matter experts to deliver technically accurate and culturally fluent IoT translation services that help our clients launch their Internet of Things in international markets with confidence. Our AI-enabled, platform-powered translation solutions streamline the entire content translation process so our client can accelerate time to market and stay ahead of the competition globally.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly making inroads into many business domains—from manufacturing to healthcare, from finances to consumer goods. However, in order for IoT products to work, it also requires professional knowledge working with a variety of technology components such as sensors and gateways, the platform, and data analytic software, as well as strong domain subject matter expertise in the industry verticals.

This is why you need an experienced translation company like White Globe with the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and modern language technologies to most efficiently translate for all of these diverse disciplines.

In addition to working with a large team of professional translators specializing in all of these technical fields, White Globe platform-based translation management system supports translation memory and terminology management, allowing our team to deliver IoT translation services with accuracy and speed at scale. We help the world’s best Internet of Things companies succeed globally, one accurately translated IoT document at a time.

Industrial IoT Translation Services

IoTs have many applications in next generation industrial digital transformation that aims to streamline operational efficiencies and increase productivity throughout the manufacturing and product design value chain.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), such as self-learning robotic automation, connected manufacturing, augmented reality (AR) devices, that are connected through the platform with backend big data centres and AI analysis applications are poised to revolutionize many industrial fields, including construction, manufacturing, mining, energy, and the entire automotive supply chain.

White Globe is an ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company having deep localization experiences in many of these industrial sectors. In addition to working with a large team of professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts, our next-gen, online translation ecosystem is able to leverage the best of machine-human capabilities to achieve unrivalled translation performance in terms of quality, speed, and scale.

Consumer IoT Translation

Are you developing next-gen connected smart devices to secure a piece of the multibillion dollar consumer IoT market such as personal robotic assistants, platform-powered electric vehicles, Home Pod, Alexa, and Google Assistant and need to translate your product content in European, Asian, and Latin American languages?

Compared to earlier generations of smart devices, IoT-based products have the ability to continuously learn in order to improve their functionalities and performance (similar to what humans do.) For example, Tesla was able to upgrade its Model 3 brake performance by doing a simple OTA knowledge dump (upgrade).

Next-generation IoT-based robots will be able to learn through big data analysis and AI improvement over the platform to continuously evolve and grow. All of these exciting developments require expert language translations to ensure global success and stay ahead of the completion. This is why you need White Globe. We provide Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) translation services so our clients can achieve global success at scale.

IoT-based Robots Localization

Earlier generation of robots are static, disconnected machines that are designed to perform a finite number of tasks repeatedly. They lack the ability to learn and self-improve through real world experiences using big data analysis and AI that are powered by the platform via ultra-fast 5G connections.

This is why next-gen, connected IoT robots will be a game changer. Also called Internet-of-Robotic-Things (IoRT), these intelligent robots will have the ability to acquire new skills and continuously improve through machine learning. White Globe provides professional translation services for both industrial and consumer IoT robots so they can be marketed in international markets. We translate marketing collateral, software GUI, user manuals, demo videos, end user license agreements, as well as technology patents in Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and many other languages.

Healthcare IoT Translations

The Internet of Things is an enabler of numerous modern telemedicine applications as connected medical devices monitor patient conditions and collect first-hand data, allowing physicians to gain insight into symptoms and conduct diagnostics remotely. These IoT medical devices deliver improved patient experience by allowing them to receive professional care at the convenience of their home or while on the move.

White Globe is an ISO 13485 certified translation company, providing expert medical device translation solutions to the world’s leading medical device manufactures. Combined with our deep expertise in software and technology localization, as well as regulatory knowledge such as the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), we are ideally positioned to provide you with professional healthcare IoT translation services that deliver quality, efficiency, and scale.

Banking and Financial IoT Translations

The financial services industry is witnessing a surge in IoT applications that enable enhanced transaction security, real-time customer data analysis, remote banking, and facial-recognition payments. However, in order to deploy these financial IoT applications to international markets, accurate translations of a variety of technical information are a must.

As a recognized leader in professional financial services language localization solutions, White Globe provides excellent financial IoT translation services in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages, including product documentation translation, website internationalization, eLearning course translations, and software localization.

We have one of the largest databases of multilingual financial services terminology, allowing our professional linguists to translate your financial contents with accuracy and speed.

IoT Patent Translations

The global market for Internet of Things is highly competitive and innovative IoT technologies can make or break a brand. Companies must adequately protect their intellectual property rights internationally by filing PCT patent applications under the Paris Conversion in Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, and many other languages to stay ahead of global competition. The good news is professionally translating your technology patents with quality and speed doesn’t have to be a complicated affair or bread the bank.

This is why you need White Globe. We provide expert IoT patent translation services in all major Asian and European languages by leveraging our comprehensive multilingual experiences in localizing both technology and medical patents.

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