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White Globe provides professional and certified translation services for federal, state, and international governments in over 350 languages. We help government agencies and departments engage multilingual constituents as well as international audiences across linguistic barriers, one accurately translated government document at a time.

Accurate Government Translation Services You Can Trust

Webinars, online meetings, and virtual conferences are rapidly gaining popularity as technological advances in video streaming, VOIP, and 5G high speed Internet connections allow people to easily share data and business information in real time over the web using both desktop and mobile devices.

Social distancing in the wake of coronavirus only further accelerates the adoption of virtual business meetings globally. In addition to saving time and cost with travel, venue planning, and logistics, webinar and virtual conference organizers can attract the perfect keynote speakers who can better manage presentation schedules by presenting from their own desks.

Furthermore, webinars and online meetings can reach a broader international audience base who might otherwise be unable to attend the live conference, delivering a much greater global impact. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide professional webinar translation services in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, and 350 other languages with accuracy and speed. Whether you need consecutive, simultaneous interpretation, or translation services for recorded webinars using subtitles or voice-over, we have the linguistic resources and localization know-how to get the job done with efficiency.

Professional Language Translations for International Government Programs

White Globe has expert experience translating various government programs and initiatives aimed at helping the poor around the world to fight hunger, obtain better education, or combat diseases. White Globe worked with one of the Big Consulting Firms to provide on-going translation and localization support for a Govt agency. We have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver quality government translation services with speed and scale in all Indian Regional, Asian, African, European, and most African languages.

Digital Government Translation Services

The digital and information age, communication between government agencies as well as between governments and their citizens has become increasingly diverse linguistically. A large amount of government information – everything from forms to public service announcements to legal documents – are now electronically stored and managed online.

As a leading company in platform-based translation services, White Globe has the linguistic resources and digital technology infrastructure to translate e-government documents into all legally mandated languages so they are accessible to all.

We can handle translation for large volumes of legal, financial, and government content with quick turnaround. White Globe makes communicating digitally with your constituents easy, fast, and effective.

Government Regulation Translations

Are you a federal government agency, such as the FDA, Department of Transportation, FAA, or Department of Commerce, that regulates industries and commercial businesses to ensure healthy economic development while protecting consumer wellbeing and safety? Government agencies produce many regulations with supporting documentation that frequently needs to be translated into Spanish, French, and many other languages to meet the multilingual requirements of today’s linguistically diverse population.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional translators and subject matter experts within the language industry to deliver government regulation translation services with accuracy and efficiency.

Our platform-powered translation management system supports translation memory and terminology online so our translators can confidently translate your official documents with consistency, quality, and scale.

Government Document Translations

White Globe provides expert document translation services for local, state, and federal governments in over 350 languages. We translate government publications, information resources, and public announcements in PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint and XML format.

White Globe platform document translation platform supports translation memory and terminology management so we can most efficiently reuse previously translated content for cost savings, linguistic consistency, and fast turnaround.

In addition to language translation, we also help our government clients format localized documents so they look professional.

Certified Translations for USCIS

Are you law office or a government agency processing immigration documents for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)? Chances are your need a variety of contents translated with certified accuracy. The USCIS regulation mandates that all official submissions written in foreign language must be accompanied by English translation that is certified as complete and accurate by a competent translator with accredited certification.

White Globe provides certified translations services between English and 350 other languages that meet USCIS acceptance standards.

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