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White Globe provides linguistically accurate and gamer-centric language translations that help gaming companies engage international players with the best video game localization services, one game at a time.

Video Games Translated Right

We’re all connected, but can’t understand one another across languages. Nowhere is this more apparent than trying to play English video games with an international audience speaking a different language. Distributing your video games in overseas markets is quite easy, but the challenge is how to engage international gamers across languages. This is why you need White Globe.

We have the linguistic resources and industry-leading game localization technologies to deliver the best video game translation services—on-demand. Our video game translators are not just professional linguists, many of them are gamers themselves, ensuring the most fluent language translations that resonate with your international audience.

Modern video game localization requires much more than just the best linguistic resources, it depends heavily on next-gen translation technologies that allow translators to easily preview the text strings in context in real time.

This is where White Globe excels. Our innovative translation solutions automatically map text strings to each video game screen so our translators can confidently translate with the best accuracy on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

White Globe supports dynamic gaming terminology management, allowing our translators to deliver the most precise translations with efficiency. Video games use gamer centric jargon and expressions that all need to be accurately translated to ensure the most authentic experience.

Because White Globe is a leading localization company to support mobile translations and language review, we’re able to engage the gamer community to provide linguistic feedback more efficiently than any other translation company. White Globe helps the world’s leading game developers succeed internationally.

Need Mobile Game Translation? No Problem!

The modern smartphone has fundamentally changed global gaming demographics. While dedicated game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are very popular for the best gameplay experience, more and more of everyday video games are downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play as mobile apps.

This is why mobile game translation demands have skyrocketed ever since Apple introduced the iPhone. White Globe provides expert mobile game translation services for both iOS and Android devices with quality and speed, partially owing to our experience developing our own human powered translation apps. Our revolutionary in-context video game translation solutions dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of professional game localization.

Language translation can make or break a mobile game’s success among international players. Poorly translated mobile games deliver a less than perfect user experience among foreign smartphone users, leading to fewer downloads and reduced international revenue.

The good news is translating your mobile games professionally doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking. At White Globe, we’ve streamlined the entire mobile game localization process onto a modern online platform, allowing your video games to be translated with quality and speed, hassle free. Talk to our sales consultants today and see how White Globe can help you achieve international success fas

How It Works

Localizing your video games is easy with White Globe’ modern software localization process. To get started, simply send us the text strings in XML, Excel, or your own customized resource file format, along with any existing terminology glossary (character names and items, etc.)

White Globe’s game-changing translation solution also supports automatic mapping of text strings with screen displays for the best linguistic quality. The following is a diagram of White Globe’s professional video game translation and localization process.

We Translate All Video Game Genres

White Globe has experience translating a variety categories of video games. The following are some of the genres we frequently translate.

Action games
Adventure games
Escape games
First person shooter games
Third person shooter games
Massively multiplayer online games
Platformer games
Real-time strategy games
Role-playing video games
Simulation games
Solitaire games
Sports games
Virtual reality games
Flash games
Alternate reality games

In addition to localizing different video game genres, White Globe also has in-depth experience translating video games for game consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as mobile devices like iOS and Android phones.

In-Context Game Translation

Video game companies have long been struggling to achieve consistent, quality language translations using legacy translation processes that only provide limited context information to translators working on game localization.

Typically, the text strings are provided to the translation vendor in a Word document or Excel table devoid of context or reference information, leading to mistranslations and inaccurate linguistic results that are time consuming to fix.

Poorly translated video games have a direct impact on international customer experience. This is why you need White Globe. Our revolutionary in-context video game translation solutions solve the age-old challenge by allowing our professional translators to view the actual game screen in real time, ensuring the best linguistic output the first time around.

Multilingual Voice-Over for Video Game Localization

In order to create the most authentic multilingual gaming experience, game design companies often integrate foreign language voice-over recordings with professionally translated video games to create the most engaging experience for users who do not speak English.

White Globe has a large team of professional voice-over talents who specialize in producing high quality voice-over recordings for a variety of video game genres. Our voice-over artists utilize professional recording studios to produce the finest audio quality. White Globe’ voice production team is fully trained to synchronize the localize voice-over with on-screen characters to create to most authentic playback experience.

Translating for Video Game Consoles

Are you designing games for consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Sony PlayStation and need to translate your video games into Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and other languages? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide end-to-end, high quality translation services for all video game console brands without compromising speed and efficiency. Just send us your video titles and specify the target languages, we will provide you with a translation quote within 24 hours. In addition to translation, voice-over, subtitling, White Globe also provides exert localization testing and QA of translated products so your video games play perfectly in foreign languages.

White Globe helps our clients translate game marketing materials and websites to promote your titles to international customers.

Platform Gaming Localization

Are you developing game titles for Apple Arcade and Google Stadia and need quality gaming translation and localization services to engage international audience? Then look no further than White Globe.

As a platform translation service for both desktop and mobile devices, White Globe is ideally suited for translating games that are designed for next-gen, 4K streaming services over the internet. Platform gaming platforms like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia are forecast to grow exponentially because of their unique ability to reach a wide population of international users with minimal costs.

This is why you need White Globe. We help gaming companies localize video games and marketing content on the platform with quality and speed.

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