Certified Language Translation Services for Food & Beverage

White Globe helps the world’s leading food and beverage companies succeed in international markets with the best food translation services.

Accurate Food Translations You Can Trust

The food industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the business world because food product quality has a direct impact on people’s lives. When it comes to distributing your food and beverage products in global markets, accurate translations of food labels, nutrition facts, and ingredient names is a must to ensure regulatory compliance as well as international customer satisfaction. This is why you need White Globe, as we help the world’s leading food and beverage companies translate all food business related content with accuracy and speed.

The food and beverage industry is going through major global transformations as consumers increasingly pay closer attention to the quality of food they eat for health, ethical, and wellness reasons.

Organic, natural, and plant-based food and beverages that are free of saturated fats, artificial colouring, preservatives, and GMOs (genetically modified food) are becoming the global trend.

This is why food companies must translate a variety of content related to these subjects in order to most effectively communicate with international food sellers, distributors, partners, and regulatory authorities.

White Globe has professional linguists and food subject matter experts in various countries that are trained to produce the highest level of linguistic quality and technical accuracy for all your food and beverage translation needs.

We’re proud to work on a variety of food and beverage translation projects for some of the world’s most respected brands covering food, hospitality, and travel industries.

Food Labels Translated Right

Do you need to translate food labels such as a PDP or Nutrition Facts into Spanish, Japanese, French, or other European or Indian Regional or Asian languages? Then look no further than White Globe, we have an exceptional team of linguistic experts who specialize in translating food labels with accuracy, including nutrition information, ingredient lists, product dates, and daily values, etc.

White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for the food industry, allowing our team to most efficiently localize food labels with linguistic accuracy and consistency across languages.

In addition to linguistic service, White Globe also provides international typesetting and desktop publishing (DTP) so the localized food and beverage labels are always formatted professionally.

Food Translation in 350 Languages

White Globe provides high quality food and beverage translation services between English and French, English and German, English and Chinese, and English and Italian, as well as 350 other languages.

We’ve developed language specific food terminology glossaries for each language pair to ensure the best linguistic accuracy and consistency for all of your food and beverage localization needs.

Multilingual Documents for Food Manufacturing

The global food manufacturing industry generates a large number of documents that all need to be translated into Spanish, French Canadian, Chinese, and many other languages to ensure smooth international production processes and local regulatory compliance.

Food manufacturing documents such standard operating procedures (SOPs), food recall procedures, chemical testing reports, hold and release policies, food label review guidelines all must be accurately translated for international employees to reference and made available to auditors and food safety inspectors.

The good news is translating food manufacturing documents with quality and speed doesn’t have to be a complicated operation. White Globe has streamlined the entire document localization process so we can help translate your food production documents most efficiently without breaking your bank.

Food & Beverage Terminology Management

International food and beverage products have very special names that are closely tied to the local culture and customs. This is why accurately translating food ingredient names can be challenging and often requires extensive terminology research which can slow down translation delivery.

White Globe has developed one of the language industry’s leading platform-based terminology management system. We have the experience, best practices, and technology solutions to help our clients develop and maintain terminology glossaries so translating food and beverage products can become much more efficient, while preserving linguistic accuracy and consistency. Contact White Globe sales to learn more about White Globe terminology management solutions.

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