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White Globe helps the world’s leading blockchain developers and companies accelerate global success with fast and professional block chain translation solutions and services. We translate all blockchain related content in over 350 languages.

Blockchain Technologies Translated Right

Are you engaged in developing blockchain technologies to build distributed, token-based business solutions and need fast, accurate language translations to support your international expansion? Then look no further than White Globe. We are a leader in translating all areas of the rapidly growing block chain economy, from digital wallet, cryptocurrency trading, to online banking, mobile payment, and a variety of fintech-based financial service solutions. Powered by one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge about the latest blockchain technologies, we translate block chain systems, software applications, technical documents, and marketing collateral with quality and speed. White Globe’s AI-powered, industry-leading translation technology platform, Lang Tech allows our linguists to confidently translate your blockchain content between English and Chinese, English and German, and English and Spanish and many other languages with efficiency and scale.

The blockchain industry is seeing explosive growth, compelling companies to localize a variety of technical materials to accelerate time-to-market globally. This is why you need White Globe. Our modern, on-demand language translation solutions help technology companies stay ahead of the competition by launching their blockchain products and services most efficiently across languages. A major benefit of the blockchain technology is to enable faster and more cost-effective processing of international payments, loans, and digital asset transactions across borders, resulting in significant demand for multilingual content.

White Globe has the linguistic resources and best-in-class technological solutions to localize all of your blockchain content with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and scalability.

Professional Blockchain Translations

The significance of the blockchain revolution has been characterized as being analogous to the advent of the Internet, fundamentally transforming the way businesses communicate and transact with one another. When it comes to international commerce, this means companies must translate a variety of blockchain related content in order to engage international customers and partners to achieve global success. White Globe delivers expert translation and localization for a variety of blockchain documents, applications, and blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions in all American, African, European and Asian languages.

Cryptocurrency translation and localization
Virtual asset transactions for video games
Blockchain banking and fintech translations
Blockchain based medical research localization
Temper-proof voting systems across languages
Blockchain-based accounting and auditing
Secure online trading and stock investment
Inventory and supply-chain management
Blockchain powered ecommerce translation
Enhanced machine learning localization
Intelligent antivirus software localization
Decentralized finance (DeFi) translation

Translation for Emerging Blockchain Applications

Are you engaged in the business of developing next-generation business solutions using blockchain technologies and need to translate your software applications and technical and marketing documents into Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and other languages? Then look further than White Globe.

We have the linguistic resources and technical experiences to translate your blockchain content with quality and speed. Blockchain, along with its unique ability to track and identify each record based on timestamps, promises huge potential for numerous applications that can affect every aspect of our lives, from new scientific discoveries and smart internet of things (IoT), to better insurance policies and more secure and fairer public voting systems. These exciting developments create new markets and business models that contribute to increased global economic growth. These rapid blockchain powered business activities create ample language services opportunities for translation companies like White Globe. We’ve invested heavily in building up our linguistic and technological solutions to translate all types of blockchain content—software, technology patents, user documentation, websites, and marketing materials between English and Japanese, English and German, and English and Spanish and many other languages.

Cryptocurrency Translation Services

Cryptocurrencies are in some ways synonymous to the term “blockchain” because Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, are both based on blockchain technologies. These digital currencies make secure money transfer over international borders a breeze, providing the perfect payment method of choice for international business transactions. The ease of international payments will only speed up global business development, leading to increased demand for translation and localization services. As a cloud-based translation company, White Globe is ideally positioned to provide on-demand solutions for modern cryptocurrency translation requirements, covering crypto software localization, currency exchange translation, and multilingual bitcoin mining enablement.

White Globe Blockchain Based Translation Solutions

In addition to providing language translation services to companies that build blockchain business solutions, White Globe is also investing in developing our own blockchain-based translation system. We firmly believe blockchain enabled translation solutions will have significant applications in the future of translation work where security and tractability are paramount. For example, some companies in regulated industries must show when, where, and by who portions of key documents were translated. Such tamper-proof traceability of the translated content can only be achieved with blockchain-powered translation management systems.

Global Payment Translation

We live in a global economy with a catch: we’re all connected but can’t easily send or receive cross-border payments. Thanks to blockchain and crypto payment networks , sending money using cryptocurrency for a range of business transactions is increasingly becoming as easy as clicking a few buttons. To ensure the best international customer experience, you need to translate your payment websites and help documents into a variety of languages your customers speak. You’ve invested time and money developing the best global payment solutions and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to translate digital payment content with second-rate quality and protracted turnaround time.


Blockchain: A secure, decentralized, and tamper-proof system of records that provides a public ledger for digital transactions. In a blockchain, the records cannot be changed without changing the same records stored on all computers in a distributed network, making it virtually impossible to alter them once created. This unique property provides a secure and verifiable mechanism for a variety of transactions including digital currency.

Cryptocurrency: A virtual currency in the form of digital records created and maintained on a blockchain network. Unlike regular currencies that are created and circulated by a country (usually its central bank) cryptocurrency is country neutral, providing a mechanism for cross-border transactions that are less likely to be manipulated.

Fintech: It literally stands for financial technology. The digital transformation opens up the financial services industry to a host of technology innovations that promise improved efficiency and scalability while delivering enhanced user experience. Some fintech solutions include mobile payment, digital wallet, and blockchain based loans, insurance, and digital banking.

Blockchain-Powered Translation: A type of language translation process that keeps a record for each segment translated, revised, updated, and approved. The records contain information on when, where, and who are involved in translating, reviewing, and approving each translation unit that cannot be altered.

Digital Wallet: A virtual bank account for sending and receiving payments easily on all devices.

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