Build, Deploy, Operate and Scale Your Solar Energy Solutions Globally with the Best Solar Energy Translation Services

White Globe provides fast and professional solar energy translation services to the world’s leading renewable energy companies so they can achieve global business success across language barriers and get ahead faster in international markets.

Accurate Solar Energy Translations for Your Global Success

Are you a renewable energy company engaged in the design and manufacture of solar energy equipment and systems and need to translate your technical manuals, compliance documents, marketing collateral, or technology patents into Chinese, French, German, or Japanese? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide linguistically accurate and technically precise solar energy translation services in over 350 languages that help our clients stay ahead of the competition in global markets. Whether you need your photovoltaic power system or solar energy storage equipment translated in order to capture a larger share of the international solar energy market, we have the linguistic experts and next-gen translation technologies to get the job done right, at speed and scale.

Consistent, quality solar energy translation services require linguistic experiences, industry subject matter expertise, localization best practices, and increasingly, AI powered language technologies that take advantage of machine learning and workflow automation to deliver multilingual consistency and scale.

White Globe is a leading player in the localization industry with on-demand and platform-based translation solutions that help our solar energy clients reduce time-to-market and grow global revenue while delivering the best international customer experience.

Our innovative, all-platform translation capabilities and real-time in-context linguistic review solutions revolutionize the way how enterprise content is translated continuously for unrivalled quality and performance.

Talk to one of our solar energy translation consultants today and see how easy it is White Globe can help accelerate your solar energy ambitions across the globe and in all languages.

Solar Energy Storage Translations

Solar energy storage using rechargeable batteries and other technologies is rapidly growing as more households convert to solar-plus-storage solutions from traditional power sources around the world.

This presents tremendous opportunities for established companies and start-ups alike that have the foresight to develop global marketing strategies. After all, the Sun shines in all parts of the world and solar power adoption will prove to be the next major economic driver globally.

White Globe helps our clients translate content for all aspects of the solar storage product lifecycle, allowing companies to capture a piece of the international solar market share.

We have the linguistic experience and multilingual subject matter experts to translate all of your solar storage content with accuracy and speed. Better yet, our solar storage translation solutions use translation memory and terminology management to reuse previously translated content for cost savings while at the same time ensure the highest level of technical accuracy and linguistic consistency.

Solar Power Content Translated Right

The solar energy industry is pioneering many exciting and advanced technologies to convert sunlight into electricity. In order to accurately translate technical documentation such as user manuals, instruction guides, or technology patents for solar panels, inverters, or power production monitoring systems, the translation vendor must possess strong technical background in solar power manufacturing industry to deliver the best results.

Whether you need to translate your photovoltaic power system (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP) products, trust White Globe professional linguists and subject matter experts to deliver the highest linguistic and technical accuracy. White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology databases, allowing our professional translators to translate your solar power equipment with confidence and speed.

Solar-Plus-Storage Translation Solutions

The solar-plus-storage (SPS) market is projected to be worth billions of dollars globally by 2025 because it offers a real alternative to traditional grid and electricity poles, providing millions of households with self-sufficient energy supply around the world.

The continued investment in the latest bifacial (versus mono-facial) solar panels and high efficiency lithium-ion batteries only accelerates international adoption of solar plus storage systems. This is why you need White Globe. We translate all solar-plus-storage related content with quality and speed so our clients can confidently engage international customers and partners across linguistic barriers.

Solar Energy Training Translation Services

Are you developing eLearning and training courses for your solar products to educate customers and/or partners and employees? Chances are you need your solar energy eLearning content translated into a variety of languages such as Chinese, Hindi, and Indonesian.

This is why you need White Globe. We offer end-to-end eLearning translation and localization solutions to some of the world’s most successful companies that include text translation, audio transcription, subtitling, voice-over recording, multilingual quizzes in all European Indian Regional and Asian languages.

Whether you need a standalone eLearning project translated or fully integrated translation solutions for your LMS (learning management system) content, White Globe has the linguistic experience and technical know-how to deliver the best results.

Solar Panel Content Translation Services

A major component of the solar energy industry is the mass production of solar panels using high efficiency photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. These solar panels are then shipped around the world to be installed on rooftops for consumer use or in solar farms that generate electricity for national grids.

White Globe translates a variety technical documents such as installation guides, safety warning labels, operating instructions, and maintenance manuals so our solar manufacturing clients can stay compliant with foreign regulations and grow international revenue. In addition to translating solar panel documents, we also provide professional software localization services for solar panel monitoring and management systems.

Alternative Energy Content Translation

In addition to translating technical documents and websites for the solar energy industry, White Globe also provides professional translation services to a variety of alternative energy businesses such as wind power, biomass, hydro power, geothermal, tidal power, and nuclear energy.

For each alternative energy client, White Globe assembles a dedicated team of professional translators and subject matter experts with strong domain knowledge in the corresponding technical field to deliver the most accurate multilingual results.

Better yet, White Globe’s platform based translation ecosystem allows our alternative energy clients to allow us to centrally manage all of their multilingual assets such as translation memory, terminology, language style guides, and all localized documents on the platform for easy search, reference and distribution.

Solar Powered Products in 350 Languages

The solar revolution is fundamentally shifting the balance towards renewable energy from fossil-based power source for an increasing number of consumer products from electric vehicles to solar powered smartphones. White Globe helps its clients translate a variety of solar powered products into over 350 languages.

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