Professional Language Translations for the Electric Power Industry

White Globe provides expert language translations for power plants, electric power equipment manufacturers, and national grid operators in 350 languages. We translate electric power related technical documents, websites, eLearning courses, and marketing collateral with quality and speed.

Precise Electric Power Content Translation Services

Are you working in the electric power industry and need to translate a variety of technical documents between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, and English and French? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide expert electric power translation services in all European, Asian, Latin American, Indian Regional Languages as well as most African languages. We have the linguistic experiences, subject matter experts, and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver professional electric power translation services with quality and speed.

White Globe platform-powered translation management system supports translation memory and terminology management so our electric power customers can receive professional language translations with the highest level of linguistic accuracy at scale.

The electric power industry is a highly mature and saturated sector in the developed world. To ensure continued growth, electric power companies and equipment manufacturers must look to emerging markets for global business expansion. This is why you need White Globe.

We help electric power companies succeed across linguistic barriers by delivering high quality multilingual technical documents and business communication materials on-demand to facilitate overseas power plant development projects, hydropower construction, or international electric power equipment sales and marketing.

White Globe platform-based translation management system allows electric power companies to allow us to centrally manage all of their multilingual content and translation activities in one convenient place for the highest ROI and internationalization performance.

Power Plant Equipment Translation and Localization

Are you a heavy industry company manufacturing power plant equipment such as boilers, turbines, and power generators for global markets? Chances are you need to translate a range of technical documents to support international customers and stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

You’ve spent significant time and money developing your power generation equipment and systems, the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to localize your product documentation with mediocre quality and prolonged turnaround time.

With White Globe, you can rest assured your power plant equipment is translated right with efficiency. We have a large team of professional native linguists and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in the electric power industry to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate language translations for gas turbines, steam turbines, core generators, and power plant boilers.

Hydropower Translation Services

Hydro electricity is a form of renewable energy that provides safe and relatively inexpensive electricity supplies to millions of consumers worldwide. Hydroelectric companies must work with stringent technical as well as international environmental requirements when developing hydroelectric power plants around the world such as reservoir impoundment facilities, tidal power plants, or other hydropower systems.

These hydroelectric projects require large amounts of technical documents to be translated into the local target languages for international regulatory review and approval, as well as technical communication with foreign workers and operators.

White Globe provides ISO 9001:2016 certified electric power translation services in all emerging market languages to deliver both linguistic accuracy and technical precision.

We translate technical manuals, SOPs (standard operation procedures), safety instructions, training courses, and maintenance guides for all types of hydro-mechanical equipment, including large water turbines, hydro generators, hydroelectric control systems, and digital hydro plants.

Nuclear Power Translations

Nuclear power provides inexhaustible, clean, and efficient energy supply that rivals any other form of energy if not for its potential nuclear radiation risk. The global nuclear industry is a multibillion market that has seen a steady increase of new reactors built and system utilization at existing power plants due to improved refuelling and safety performance.

White Globe provides professional nuclear power translation services for all types of nuclear technologies such as fission, nuclear decay, and nuclear fusion reactions. We have the professional linguists and subject matter expertise to deliver high quality translation services for nuclear power steam turbines, cooling systems, and electric generators, as well as regulatory submissions and technology patents.

Language Translation and Interpretation for Utility Companies

Utility companies provide energy such as electricity, natural gas, and heating oil, as well as power related services to households, factories, and businesses around the country and the world.

In addition to serving an increasingly diverse population of Spanish, Chinese, Russian speakers, utility companies are expanding to international markets to help emerging countries build and manage power infrastructure to both produce and distribute electricity in Asia, Europe, South American, and Africa.

As a result, utility companies require a variety of communication materials translated to engage multilingual customers and partners.

White Globe provides expert language translation services for power distribution, national grid services, and energy sale and marketing activities. We translate all content types such as website, technical documentation, news releases, earning content, and joint-venture contracts. We also provide language interpretation services for international business meetings. Just send us the documents and specify the target languages, we’ll take care of the rest.

Content We Translate

Technical Documentation
Commercial Agreements and Protocols
IP and Confidentiality
Licensing and Distribution Agreements
Risk Management and Compliance
Bid and Tender Collateral
Quality-Assurance Manuals
Operations Manuals
Patents and Legal Documents
Commercial Agreements and Protocols
Legal Documents and Correspondence

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