Fast-Track your Global Success with the Best Oil & Gas Translations

White Globe helps the world’s leading oil and gas companies engage international customers with the best petroleum translation services. Our language translation solutions enable our clients to beat the competition by deploying quality multilingual contents fast and competitively to international customers.

Accurate Translations for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a highly internationalized business sector with a global footprint. Oil exploration, refinery, and transportation activities are conducted on a global scale: the Asia, Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

All of these cross-border business operations require quality language translation services to localize oil and gas documents from English into various other languages such as Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Indian Regional Languages or Latin American Spanish, and vice versa.

This is why you need White Globe, Asia’s leading language service provider for technically precise and linguistically fluent oil and gas translations for all types of technical communication materials, multilingual business contracts, international training courses, and marketing & sales literature.

White Globe combines expert, in-country linguistic resources with our cutting edge technologies to help our oil and gas clients overcome linguistic barriers in over 350 languages.

We’re able to consistently deliver the highest level of translation accuracy for a full spectrum of oil and gas businesses because we employ the best professional linguists and oil & gas subject matter experts and then support them with our next-gen translation technologies, complete with industry leading terminology management, translation memory leverage, and in-context linguistic review.

White Globe’s modern platform based translation management system redefines and streamlines enterprise translation services for all categories of the oil & gas industry: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Translation Automation for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies have linguistically diverse and geographically dispersed business operations that often require a variety of documents and communication messages translated on-demand and accurately to meet the needs of international customers and local regulatory authorities.

These translation service needs are usually generated by regional offices and/or international project teams in a highly decentralized process, making it a challenge for traditional offline translation models employing ad hoc processes.

White Globe’s universally accessible, platform-powered translation management system provides an intuitive and centralized solution, allowing our clients to most efficiently manage these dispersed translation activities on an organization-wide level, while at the same time streamlining and automating each step within the localization cycle.

We’ve automated all non-essential manual touch points within the translation workflow, such as file analysis, quotation, pre-translation work, linguist assignment and project management, so you get your documents translated with quality and speed, on an enterprise level and hassle free.

White Globe makes it easy for oil and gas companies to gain visibility on all translation activities, spend, as well as measuring ROI.

Best-in-Class Oil & Gas Translations

The global energy market has become increasingly competitive due to a variety of factors such as renewable, alternative energy development, emerging market saturation including China and Russia, and the shale gas revolution in North America.

The oil price collapse between 2014 and 2016 forced oil and gas companies to employ the latest extraction technologies (fracking, horizontal drilling) to increase oil production at existing wells.

All of these developments mean energy companies now demand professional language translation services that are kept up-to-date with these cutting-edge engineering advancements and, at the same time, allow them to deploy products and services around the world most efficiently.

White Globe is a leading company offering modern oil & gas translations. Our AI-powered, lean enterprise translation services on the platform provides a much-needed solution for the oil and gas industry to meet rapidly changing international customer demands and grow global revenue.

Precise Translation for Oilfield Services

Are you an oilfield services company engaged in the upstream oil and gas exploration, extraction or transportation? Then you’ve found the perfect language translation partner for all your product localization needs.

We have one of the largest teams of professional linguists and multilingual subject matter experts who are intimately familiar with the latest oil and gas exploration and extraction innovations, engineering processes, equipment manufacturing, and oilfield services.

White Globe is Asia’s leading language service provider with next-gen enterprise translation technologies. The platform allows our team to deliver linguistically accurate and technically precise oilfield translation services with speed and scale. White Globe helps the world’s leading oilfield companies achieve business success in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and 350+ other languages.

Professional Translation for Upstream

Whether you’re one of the Supermajors, Independents, or National Oil Companies (NOC), White Globe has the right language localization solutions for all your oil and gas translation needs.

We translate a variety of technical documents with quality and speed (user manuals, safety instructions, business contracts, and training materials) between English and Simplified Chinese, English and Arabic, English and Vietnamese, and all major Asian, African, Indian Regional and European languages.

White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for oil wells, drilling, and oilfield services so our professional linguists can always translate your technical documents with accuracy and efficiency.

White Globe has streamlined enterprise translations services to a modern online model, allowing upstream oil and gas companies working with the world’s leading oil reserves to centrally manage end-to-end localization operations on the platform.

White Globe’s next-gen translation management system supports translation memory, terminology management, multilingual document search, translation projects, linguistic review, invoice and billing all in one central place. The result is a much more streamlined language localization operation that delivers unrivalled translation performance, time-to-market, and ROI.

Technical Document Translation for Downstream

Is your company in the field of refining crude oil, purifying raw natural gas, or installing pipelines for oil transport, and need to deliver multilingual technical documents to your foreign customers and international staff? Then look no further than White Globe.

We have one of the largest teams of technical translators who’re specially trained to translate a variety of downstream business and engineering documents with the highest level of linguistic quality and technical precision. White Globe is an ISO 9001 certified translation company with mature localization processes and language best practices that helps the world’s leading downstream enterprises accelerate international success with on-demand and scalable localization solutions in over 350 languages.

Industrial Translation for Oil Refineries

Are you in the business of refining crude oil to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, liquefied natural gas (LNG), or petrochemicals? Chances are you need a variety of business and/or technical documents translated with accuracy and speed.

The modern refinery plant employs complex industrial processes and equipment that generate a large volume of documentation such as engineering manuals, operating instructions, safety handbooks, environmental protection guidelines that all need to translated for international customers or multinational staff members.

White Globe has a large team of professional linguists and subject matter experts with specific oil refining knowledge to help translate your technical documents into over 350 languages. We have a large multilingual term base for refining related terminologies allowing White Globe to consistently deliver the highest level of linguistic quality.

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