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White Globe provides fast and professional translation services for the world’s leading colleges and universities so they can confidently engage prospective international students and their families across 350 languages. We help educational institutions achieve international success, one accurately translated university document at a time.

Accurate University Translations You Can Trust

Is your school looking to attract more foreign students to expand international enrolment? Chances are you need a variety of marketing and academic materials translated into Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and Vietnamese in order to effectively communicate with foreign students and their parents. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide linguistically accurate and culturally competent translations that help universities achieve global success across all Asian, European, Latin American, Indian Regional Languages and most African languages.

White Globe translates all types of educational content such as university websites, curriculum documents, F1 visa documents, student transcripts, research studies, and parent consent forms with quality and speed.

Better yet, our industry-leading, platform-based translation management system is specially designed to allow colleges and universities to centrally manage all of their multilingual translation and localization activities in one convenient place, improving efficiency and transparency.

International students play an increasingly important role in generating a significant portion of tuition revenue for public and private universities, and the trend will likely continue.

The global coronavirus pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend as virtual classes over Zoom and online video conferences become a standard practice, making it easy for schools to enrol foreign students from around the world. This is why university translations are witnessing a surge in demand as colleges and universities race to capture these exciting market opportunities.

White Globe has the linguistic resources, localization best practices, and language translation technologies to help our university clients achieve global success by delivering quality multilingual content at scale. To learn more about White Globe’ comprehensive university translation services, please talk to one of our educational translation consultants today and raise your multilingual localization performance to a higher level of accomplishment.

White Globe is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities to serve their translation needs.

University Website Translations

One of the most effective ways to market your university to prospective foreign students and their families is to have your English website professionally translated and localized in Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, and other languages so international students and their parents can learn about your educational programs and academic achievements.

White Globe has in-depth experience translating university websites developed using a variety of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Angular, React, Django, or Spring.

Our professional website localization solutions include text translation, graphics localization, multilingual video subtitling, cultural review, localization testing, and localized website hosting.
White Globe’ proxy website translation solutions allow colleges and universities to easily translate their websites, eliminating the need for manual, tedious text import/export, all without breaking the bank.

University Document Translations

White Globe provides expert language translation services for a variety of university documents such as student resumes/CVs, transcripts, letters of recommendation, application packets, admissions procedures, research papers, and student handbooks.

We work with all document formats such as MS Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, Excel, FrameMaker, and more. White Globe’ document translation solutions support translation memory and terminology management so our linguists can reuse legacy translations for the most accurate and consistent linguistic results while achieving the best cost savings.

Simply upload your documents or send to our online translation portal to receive an instant quote. Upon your confirmation, our professional educational linguists will start translating right way. You can download your translated documents with the click of a button.

Online eLearning Course Translations

Many colleges and universities now offer self-paced online courses so students can learn on their own to earn college credits or bachelor’s and master’s degrees. When it comes to international students, these eLearning courses often need to be accurately translated in order for universities to reach a wider audience globally.

White Globe has well defined processes for localizing eLearning materials, including text translation, multilingual voice over, video subtitles, interactive quiz localization, and more.

We have experienced linguistic professionals with specialized subject matter expertise for a variety of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Indian Regional Languages and Vietnamese.

University Interpretation

Do you need on-demand language interpretation services for educational workshops, parent meetings, or international student virtual tours? Look no further than White Globe.

Utilizing our highly streamlined online workflows, we provide professional interpretation services for colleges and universities for results that are better than ever.

Traditional university interpretation services are difficult to schedule and manage, while being very expensive. White Globe has solved the challenge with an easy-to-use online interpretation booking system that significantly improves the efficiency of obtaining language interpretation services for colleges and universities.

Visit our Interpretation Services page for in-depth discussions of our online and on-demand capabilities.

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