Distance Learning Translation to International Success

White Globe provides on-demand online course translation services so the world’s leading universities and companies can confidently engage and educate international distance learners and students across languages.

Urgent Virtual Learning Translations

The global COVID-19 Pandemic has caused tens and thousands of schools worldwide to shut down their campuses, forcing students and teachers to resort to virtual learning and remote teaching for academic education.

To ensure the most effective distance learning experience for international students, learning platforms and course designers need to translate a variety of content into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian Regional Languages and more. White Globe is ready to help. We provide on-demand distance learning translations with quality and speed in over 350 languages.

Fast and Accurate Online Course Translations

The internet has bridged the world’s large distances with a catch—we’re all digitally connected around the globe, but can’t understand each other across languages. Nowhere is this more obvious than trying to engage international students with university distance learning courses across languages.

This is why you need White Globe; we help the world’s leading universities and companies translate their virtual courses with quality and speed. Regardless if you are developing your distance learning content using Coursera, EdX, or Future Learn, we have the linguistic resources and online language localization technologies to translate your distance learning materials into over 350 languages for the best ROI.

White Globe provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate language translation services for university-level courses in a variety of subject fields and academic disciplines, such as engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, physics, mathematics, business, computer science, and others.

We do this by employing professional native linguists with the right subject matter expertise and supporting them with industry leading language technologies such as translation memory, terminology management, and real-time, in-context linguistic review.

White Globe uses AI and machine learning to continuously improve our translation process by automating many of the non-essential manual tasks within the traditional localization workflow.

We deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate distance learning translations with speed and scale. Talk to one of our distance learning translation consults today to accelerate your international success.

How It Works

Like universities and colleges who have embraced digital learning solutions online, White Globe has transformed professional language translations to a modern platform based model. We employ AI and machine learning to streamline and automate the processing of your course materials with efficiency while allowing our professional linguists to translate the content with confidence.

Distance Learning Translation for Generation Z and Beyond

Studies show people born after 1995 are increasingly accustomed to online distance learning because they grew up with the Internet and have a greater acceptance for 21st century digital way of life. This trend will only continue worldwide, creating a trillion-dollar learning economy.

Compared to traditional classroom teaching, self-paced, online learning has numerous benefits such as better efficiency, affordability, quality, and flexibility. Liken Amazon that has forever changed the brick and mortar shopping experience, distance learning has the potential to fundamentally transform the way students earn a college degree.

However, when it comes to distributing your online courses to international students to achieve global success, quality language translation is a must. The good news translating your online courses with quality and speed doesn’t have an overly complicated endeavour. White Globe has the linguistic experience and cutting-edge technologies to help our clients translate distance education materials one course at a time.

eLearning Translation for Corporate Training

In addition to distance learning translations, White Globe provides some of the world’s leading companies with eLearning localization solutions to train their multinational staff, customers, and partners in over 350 languages.

We work with a variety of eLearning authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Elucidate, as well as online learning management (LMS) systems such as Decebo and others.

White Globe has experience implementing fully automated eLearning translation workflows with 3rd party eLearning platforms to provide our clients with on-demand, continuous learning translation services.

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