Accelerating Ecommerce Translations with Speed and Scale; Continuously.

Finally; fast, scalable, and continuous ecommerce translations with quality is a reality. White Globe introduces on-demand ecommerce translation services to help accelerate global online commerce across multiple languages.

Global Ecommerce Translation

Ecommerce companies from around the world are facing a common challenge: to efficiently and continuously translate ecommerce content across all devices and channels. Old fashioned translation services are slow. They are complicated, costly, and aren’t flexible enough to meet your unique needs. On the other hand, machine translations (including the latest neural MT) are fast but lack the linguistic quality to adapt to the customer. This is why White Globe is such a game changer for global ecommerce. Finally; fast and unique ecommerce language translations are a reality and hold a higher quality than ever.

The Internet is inherently global and reaches all parts of the world instantly. Profitable ecommerce players recognize this and build their global footprints by making their content available in all major languages. A good way to do this is by easily translating product descriptions, customer reviews, and customer support information with White Globe Ecommerce Translation. Unlike other translation services, White Globe is a modern LSP combining the benefits of technology platform, translation management system and human translation across multiple channels offering omni channel solution that delivers on-demand and continuous human translations at scale and across all devices.

Augmenting Human Translations with AI for Ecommerce

White Globe allows global ecommerce companies to automate professional human translations using our intelligent and agile REST APIs for a continuous translation workflow. Our ecommerce translation solutions are powered by the world’s largest translation resources across all devices for the most dynamic e-commerce translations.
Combined with our on-demand, 24/7, translation ecosystem; White Globe changes the way ecommerce translations are done while creating unrivalled scalability and speed. Reach out today for a language automation solution that’s perfectly engineered to meet all your ecommerce translation requirements for the highest quality.

Continuous Translation Solutions

Ecommerce translations hold a continuous translation need. White Globe is a leading provider for continuous, high-quality translation solutions for modern digital content. No other translation company in Asia comes close to White Globe in delivering uninterrupted human-machine translation services for today’s micro-content around the clock, while meeting our customers’ budget requirements in an easy to use format.

PEMT and Machine-Human Solutions

The best ecommerce translation is a combination of machine and human solutions. Neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms have advanced to a point where they can translate ecommerce content into major languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, and German and achieve 50-60% human quality.

This is why White Globe has developed cutting edge technology to take advantage of Post Edit Machine Translation (PEMT) combined with our human linguists so that we can deliver perfect linguistic results at the speed and scale of near MT performance.

Mobile Translation for a Better Ecommerce Localization

The world’s rapid digital transformation is here because of the mobile revolution. Studies show that 70% of all digital content today is created through mobile devices, and 80% of all digital content is consumed on the mobile. For ecommerce websites, this means most of the product descriptions and user reviews are created on and read on mobile devices. White Globe is a leading LSP for mobile translations.
For large scale ecommerce translations, desktop-only translation solutions are no longer enough to meet the requirements. This is why White Globe all-in-one translation solutions is the best ecommerce translation platform with the power to make mobile specific content that fits your specific needs.

Ecommerce Product Description Translation

If your ecommerce product descriptions are only in English, then you’re losing out on both website traffic and potential international customers. Users from China, France, and Korea don’t purchase online from websites that are only in English.
The good news is that there are many translation companies on the market that are ready to help. However, not all translation services are built equally. White Globe is Asia’s leading Language Service Provider offering high quality at scale with speed with demonstrated cost savings.

User Review Translation

Ecommerce websites on average receive more user generated content than other forms of online business sites. User reviews and customer support questions are a big part of user generated content and all need to be translated for ecommerce companies to create the best international customer experience. Since many of these reviews are short text, the best solution is an agile translation solution that also supports mobile devices. White Globe has a solution; providing real time user-review and customer-support-question translations quickly.

OTA (Online Travel Agent) Translation

Are you operating a travel agent website for the online purchases of airline flights, hotels, car rentals, trains and bus services? Then you’ve found the perfect language translation partner for all your ecommerce translation needs. White Globe provides translations and localization for all of your software platforms, user document translation, and third party product descriptions.
We have both the linguistic experiences and the technology tools to ensure the smoothest ecommerce localization. Talk to us today for a customized translation solution that’s perfectly designed to meet your language requirements.

Let’s Collaborate- Take White Globe Towards Your Global Ecommerce Success

Don’t settle with yesterday’s translation services for your future ecommerce success in international markets. White Globe provides the highest quality services with speed and simplicity. Our Ecommerce Translation is designed to take your ecommerce platform to the next level of International performance and growth.

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