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White Globe provides linguistically accurate and technically precise translation services for the aviation industry in over 350 languages. We help aeronautics companies engage international customers, airline partners, and airplane parts manufactures with confidence, one accurately translated aviation document at a time.

Accurate Aviation Translations You Can Trust

Is your company involved in aircraft manufacturing, commercial avionics, MRO (maintenance, repair, & overhaul), or flight simulation & training and in need of language translations to grow business globally? Then look no further than White Globe. We provide professional aviation translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages with accuracy and speed.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional linguists and subject matter experts in the language industry who specialize in delivering high quality translations for aircraft engines, electronic components, avionics, flight instruments, and aircraft engineering. Our next-gen translation technology platform Lang Tech and translation management system supports translation memory, multilingual terminology management, and in-context review to achieve the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision without scarifying efficiency and scalability.

The goal of aviation is to better connect the world’s continents, countries and cultures. As such, language translation is a critical component of an aviation firm’s global business success. However, consistent, quality aviation translations require more than linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and localization best practices; it increasingly demands AI-powered translation solutions that leverage the best of machine-human capabilities.

White Globe is Asia’s leading company in the language industry with agile, continuous, automated, and scalable human translation services that drive unrivalled localization performance, allowing our clients in the aviation industry to get ahead faster in international markets while achieving the highest ROI.

Accelerating Aviation Success Globally in the Post Coronavirus World

The aviation industry has been hit hard by COVID-19 as air travel globally comes to a near grinding halt. The good news is that as vaccines become widely available, the pent up demand for flying internationally will see explosive growth in the post pandemic world, translating into tremendous opportunities for aviation companies ready to restart the global aerospace business.

This is why you need White Globe. We provide professional aviation translation services with quality and speed so our clients can most effectively engage international customers across linguistic barriers. White Globe helps aircraft companies and aerospace supply chain customers stay ahead of the competition by deploying multilingual content fast in all Asian, European, Latin American, and African languages.

Jet Engine Translation Services

Are you a manufacturer of jet engines or components and need to translate your product manuals, training documents, or marketing materials into Indonesian, Japanese, or Spanish with quality and speed? White Globe has the linguistic resources and language technologies to deliver the best translation results in all of the world’s major languages.

We translate all areas of jet engine engineering such as turbines, compressors, thrust reversers, as well as the latest engine material sciences. White Globe has one of the largest multilingual jet engine terminology databases, allowing our professional translators to translate your technical documentation with accuracy and efficiency. Our cutting-edge translation management platform, Lang Tech supports translation memory so the same sentences are never translated twice for linguistic consistency and cost savings.

Professional Avionics Translations

The modern aircraft depends on advanced electronic systems such as communication, navigation, and information management in order to ensure safe and sound flight operations. When it comes to marketing and distributing avionics in global markets, technical documents and software applications must be professionally translated and localized to meet international customer expectations and comply with local regulations.

White Globe has the professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts to translate a variety of avionics products and solutions with precision. As a combination between the words aviation and electronics, avionics shares much of the same technical and engineering principles with electronics. This is why White Globe also offers comprehensive language translation services for modern electronics.

Multilingual MRO Localization

According to the FAA, aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is a $70 billion dollar sub-aviation industry due to increasing requirements for airplane safety and the growing number of new aircraft models, as well as the need for airline operation efficiency (without having to purchase new planes so frequently.) The global MRO supply chain has become highly diversified as emerging markets see an increasing number of OEM manufactures for MRO equipment and solutions.

This is why you need White Globe. We translate MRO technical documents, eLearning and training courses, and technology patents between English and Chinese, English and German, English and Dutch, and many other languages.

The following is a list of aviation aftermarket services we have translated:
Aerostructures services
Engine services
Fan Blade Repair
Landing gear services
Rotary and fixed wing services

UAM Translation for Global Success

According to Morgan Stanley, the global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market will become a $1.5 trillion industry by 2040, as climate-friendly, green transportation and future smart city technologies dominate urban living around the world. Passenger carrying drones, autonomous aerial vehicles (AAV), and eVTOL will be in hot demand as air taxis, medical air mobility, and drone firefighting services see accelerated growth within global urban aviation markets.

White Globe provides high-quality and technically accurate language translation services for both drone technologies and UAM services, allowing urban aviation companies to confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers. We translate UAM software apps, technical documents, websites, and eLearning videos with quality and speed.

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