Best-In-Class Airline Translation Services in 350 Languages

White Globe provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate airline translation services in over 350 languages. We help global airlines deliver the best multilingual air travel experience to international passengers, one accurately translated airline document at a time.

Fast and Professional Airline Translations You Can Trust

Global airlines must translate a variety of passenger communication materials such as safety instructions, marketing promotions, entertainment, and ecommerce content between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, and many other languages to engage international passengers and grow business globally.

White Globe provides fast and professional airline translation services designed to help airline companies regrow international business in a post-coronavirus world. We have a large team of professional in-country translators and multilingual subject matter experts specializing in language translations for the travel industry, allowing the world’s major airlines to achieve multilingual success and grow international passenger loyalty.

White Globe delivers a variety of multilingual contents in over 350 languages to support a range of airline business operations with measurable quality. We do this by employing the best professional linguists as well as cutting-edge translation technology solutions that leverage translation memory and terminology glossaries on the platform for the best multilingual results.

Whether you need your advertising and promotion translated into Chinese, travel reservation portal translated into Spanish, or international crew training translated into Vietnamese or German, we have the linguistic experts and modern translation technologies to get the job done right with speed.

Talk to one of our aviation translation consultants today and see how White Globe can help your airline company achieve greater global success.

Airline Reservation System Translations

Modern airline reservations are typically conducted through global distribution systems (GDS) that allow airline companies to work with independent travel agencies and other distribution channels, as well as passengers themselves to check fairs, schedule flights, and purchase tickets. When it comes to deploying airline reservation systems globally, the online application interfaces and supporting documents must be accurately translated into the customers’ local languages to deliver the best business ROI. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide linguistically accurate and culturally competent airline reservation translations in all European, Asian, and African languages with certified quality.

White Globe has developed the language industry’s leading software localization and website translation technologies that allow our linguists to view software strings in context while translating. As a result, we are able to significantly improved linguistic accuracy the first time around, eliminating costly and time consuming reworks.

Our online translation ecosystem also supports translation memory and airline terminology management to improve technical consistency whey reducing translation costs and turnaround time.

Modern DevOps increasingly demand agile, incremental, and continuous translation solutions, and airline reservation systems are no exception. The good news is White Globe has a solution.

We are Asia’s leading language service provider offering next-gen, always-on, 24/7 translation solutions that are ideally suited for multilingual airline reservation system localization.

Multilingual In-Flight Passenger Content

Global airlines must provide In-Flight Passenger content and a variety of passenger communication materials such as safety instructions, marketing promotions, entertainment, and ecommerce content in multiple languages.

White Globe translates all these contents between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, and many other languages to engage international passengers and grow business globally.

Modern In-Flight translation requirements increasingly necessitate language services companies to provide on-demand, continuous, and agile translation solutions that leverage the best of machine-human capabilities to achieve scale while delivering the highest level of linguistic quality.

This is why you need White Globe, as we’re a leading company offering next-gen translation technologies that allow our Airline Industry clients to meet their multichannel translation needs.

White Globe’s platform based translation management system allows Airline Industry companies to centrally manage translation memory, terminology, linguistic resources, and multilingual documents to accelerate enterprise wide content localization in real time.

EMD Translation Services

The rising competition within the airline industry due to increasing fuel costs, deregulation, and budget carriers compels airline companies to unbundle passenger services to generate ancillary revenue.

The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard for electronically documenting sales and transactions between airlines and passengers besides electronic tickets.

Chances are you need such transactions translated in order to meet international passenger expectations. The good news is White Globe has the right localization solutions to translate all of your EMD content hassle-free in over 350 languages.

International Flight Crew Training Translation

Are you looking to translate your eLearning course to train your international staff? Then you’ve found the perfect language service partner. Our professional airline translation services include both technical document translation and eLearning localization.

White Globe provides end-to-end eLearning localization solutions for learning content authored using a variety of eLearning tools and enterprise LMS (learning management systems) on the market. Our eLearning solutions cover text translation, video subtitling, voice-over, and multimedia programming.

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