Security and confidentiality are built into WG’s DNA. We offer more features to ensure your security and confidentiality than most other translation services. At WG, we use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and all our vetted and competency assessed translators, compulsorily sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before they start their first project.

Translator Vetting

WG offers its translators and expert linguists background checks, confidentiality and NDA agreements, and security-specific orientation training at the outset, then ongoing as their career with WG progresses.

High Barrier Workflow

We never email customer data. When our translators receive project invitations, they only receive the word count and the price rate. It is only when they accept to work on the project that they enter into our secure dashboard, which provides only the text of your document to be translated, through our secure translator dashboard.

We do not use Dropbox, FTP downloads, or any other channels to assign files to our translators - everything is done through our protected platform.

Our translation platform works by segmenting your document into hundreds or thousands of text “strings”, depending on the length of the document. These strings are then only editable to the single translator who chooses to translate that single string. While each individual string can technically be translated by a different linguist, our Single Proof Reader and Single Reviewer/Editor model ensures the cohesion of the entire document.

By removing the original format of your document during the WG translation process, we limit the visibility of your document within a secure environment. Your document is then re-formatted into the original form by our internal DTP and Engineering team and delivered to you.

Let’s say a translator accepts your project and takes a string to translate, but for whatever reason takes longer than 5 minutes to begin. This translator will be promptly and quickly kicked-off the string, and will not be able to re-assign themselves to that string. A translator cannot view more than 20 string in a document at one time, which limits the possibility of screen capture.

White Globe’s Platform is hosted at the World Class Data Centre facility of AWS. AWS provides Managed Services comprising of a secure network and firewall. White Globe follows industry best practices and has a robust policy pertaining to updates to antivirus and operating systems, password protecting all documents, or appropriate secure archiving of past projects, and secure record-keeping, to name only a few.

White Globe also offers secure file transfer options where clients may submit their content for translation and receive back their translated documents.

Backup and storage of the client’s history:

White Globe uses robust servers that, when synchronized with translation tools, run real-time backups of the work, thus eliminating the risk of losing any information in the event of mishap.

Additionally, after the translation is completed and delivered, the files are stored in a secure environment, facilitating traceability of documents, your terminological preferences and translation memories for future projects.

Our IT staff controls and monitors our network firewall protection constantly, and they are alerted at the slightest hint of a breach. They maintain the protection that ensures that no outside sources intrude into the WG Lang Tech Platform.

File transfers are often a common source for mistakes, and at WG, we take great pains to ensure that none are made. We use the most up-to-date FTP protocols to safeguard the transfer of your information to and from WG servers.

Speaking of servers, our internal server system has a defined backup process to prevent the loss of data.

If your project requires it, WG will provide the most up-to-date encryption for your data, working with your internal tech staff to meet your requirements.

For all of our projects—both big and small—only staff and personnel specifically involved will have access to your information. WG has a specific process regarding client confidentiality, and your project’s information will only be seen by those individuals who are assigned to work on it. We only disseminate information on a need-to-know basis. WG Lang Tech platform does not allow any Translator to download the file from the platform.