Welcome to Asia’s leading language service provider, your gateway to global success in the digital realm. Our comprehensive software and app localisation services are designed to transcend language barriers, ensuring your digital products resonate with users worldwide. With an expansive network of over 100,000 native language experts, 5,000+ content writers, 3,000+ voice-over artists, and an elite in-house team of creative directors, graphic designers, video editors, and post-production managers, we specialise in adapting software and mobile apps for international markets in over 350 languages. Our quintuple ISO certification and robust portfolio of over 2,500 enterprise customers underscore our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Our Software and App Localization Services Include:

User Interface Localization: Transform your digital products with fully localised user interfaces, ensuring intuitive navigation and usability for a global audience.

Multimedia Content Localization: Adapt your app’s audio and visual components, including tutorials, help videos, and promotional content, making them engaging and accessible to users in their native language.

Help Files and Documentation Localization: Enhance user support with localised help files, FAQs, and documentation, providing clear instructions and assistance in multiple languages.

Cultural Adaptation: Beyond translation, we ensure your software and apps are culturally relevant, aligning content with local customs, values, and market preferences.

Voice-Over and Audio Localization: Engage users with professional voice-overs for your app’s audio components, including notifications, instructions, and feedback, localised for linguistic accuracy and cultural nuance.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Our rigorous testing and QA processes ensure that localised software and apps function seamlessly across different devices, operating systems, and regions, delivering an impeccable user experience.

Why Choose Us?

Global Reach, Local Expertise: Tap into our vast network of language and multimedia professionals to make your software and apps genuinely global.

Quality Commitment: Our quintuple ISO certification reflects our dedication to delivering the highest quality localisation services in the industry.

Comprehensive Solutions: We offer end-to-end localisation services under one roof, from initial translation to final testing.

Industry-Leading Experience: Trusted by over 2,500 enterprise customers, we have the expertise to tackle localisation projects of any scale and complexity.

Customized Strategies: We tailor our services to meet your needs, ensuring your digital products achieve maximum impact in each target market.

Industries and Functions We Serve

Our software and app localisation services cater to a wide range of sectors, including:
Technology and Software Development
E-Commerce and Retail
Education and E-Learning
Healthcare and Medical Apps
Gaming and Entertainment

Elevate Your Digital Products for Global Markets

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring your software and apps are accessible and relevant to users worldwide is key to unlocking international success. Our software and app localisation services are designed to meet this challenge, enhancing user experience, expanding your global reach, and driving engagement across cultures.

Ready to Go Global with Your Software and App?

Contact us today to discover how our comprehensive localisation services can transform your digital products, connect you with international audiences, and set the stage for global success.

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