Unlock the cinematic and visual media experience for visually impaired audiences with Asia’s leading language service provider. Our comprehensive audio description services bridge the gap between visual content and accessibility, offering immersive audio tracks in over 350 languages. With an extensive network of 100,000 native language experts, 5,000+ content writers, 3,000+ voice-over artists, and a dedicated in-house team of creative directors, graphic designers, video editors, and post-production managers, we’re committed to making movies, television programs, and other visual media accessible to visually impaired audiences worldwide. Our quintuple ISO certification and the trust of more than 2,500 enterprise customers underscore our dedication to quality, inclusivity, and global reach.

Our Audio Description Services Include:

Custom Audio Tracks: Expertly crafted descriptive audio tracks that provide detailed narrations of visual elements, ensuring visually impaired audiences can fully engage with the content.

Multilingual Support: We offer audio description services in over 350 languages, making content accessible and enjoyable for visually impaired audiences worldwide.

Wide Range of Visual Media: Our services expand the horizons of accessibility by catering to movies, television programs, documentaries, educational videos, and more.

Professional Voice-Over Artists: Our pool of 3,000+ voice-over artists brings descriptive audio tracks to life, ensuring clarity, engagement, and a seamless listening experience.

Quality Assurance and Compliance: Adhering to industry standards and guidelines for audio description, backed by our quintuple ISO certification for quality and accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Global Accessibility: Our mission is to make visual content accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of language or visual impairment.

Expert Team: Leverage our vast network of professionals for high-quality audio descriptions that capture the essence of your visual media.

Cultural Sensitivity: We deeply understand cultural nuances, so we ensure that our audio descriptions are appropriate and resonant for audiences in different regions.

End-to-End Solutions: From scriptwriting to post-production, our comprehensive services cover every aspect of creating and implementing audio descriptions.

Trusted by Industry Leaders: More than 2,500 enterprise customers rely on us for their language and accessibility needs, a testament to our expertise and dedication.

Industries and Functions We Serve:

Our audio description services are ideal for:
Film and Television Production
Streaming Services
Educational Institutions
Cultural and Public Broadcasting
Corporate Training Videos

Making Visual Media Accessible to All

In an increasingly visual world, ensuring that everyone, including visually impaired audiences, has access to engaging content is essential. Our multilingual audio description services are designed to bridge this gap, providing rich, immersive audio narrations that bring visual media to life for audiences who experience the world differently.

Ready to Enhance Accessibility with Audio Descriptions?

Contact us today to learn how our audio description services can open up your visual content to visually impaired audiences across the globe, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in every frame.

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