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Importance of software localization in the global market

Sep 29 2019

Localization refers to the development process where the products are developed according to the language and culture of foreign countries. It is the most import software for any company who is entering into the global market or got a chance to communicate with foreign customers. It is the key to being successful in international markets. It is considered as the main strategy when a company wants to enter a new market in a foreign country.

From converting the target market information to the conversion of the websites, software localization ensures that the organisation is able to understand what the consumers want and are able to help the consumer with the services accordingly. Many companies have entered the global market without software localization, and they witnessed loss due to cultural indifference and customers not being able to relate to the product. Hence, the companies who have entered the market with localization are showcasing the growth of the product and the company in the targeted global market. The user interface helps in maintaining a trust and customer base in the market and helps in expanding further into the new market in the country.

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