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A crucial strategy for IT companies to enter new markets.

Sep 29 2019

Globalization has produced multi-national companies. IT industry is in the forefront of this phenomenon. Entering new regions and countries poses various barriers, linguistic and cultural, being the most formidable. Moreover, a country as diverse as India increases these barriers.

White Globe provides Localisation Solutions to IT companies to remove these barriers and helps them conquer new markets. Our Localisation Services include adapting websites, software, marketing materials, user documentation, and various other publications. With Software Internationalization and Globalization Process, our committed team of experts makes a software product linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate for target market.

We transform websites to be the most functional, appealing, linguistically accurate, findable and user-friendly. We also increase reach and access of Mobile Apps and boost number of downloads dramatically with localisation.

White Globe has a worldwide team of native speaking translators and IT experts with extensive expertise. We provide 100% human translation services of high quality for over 150 languages. Our localisation solutions are cost effective and have quick turnaround time.

White Globe helps IT companies reach new markets, establish global identity and compete internationally by making their products and services accessible to multilingual customers.

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