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What you lose in translation?

Sep 29 2019

It was one of the most embarrassing lost in translation mishaps, when a multi-national company’s slogan, “Come alive with our generation” was translated in Taiwanese. It became, “We will bring your ancestors back from the dead”. It was not what they intended to say. Like this, even the biggest brands have made costly Literal Translation mistakes.

Literal Translation is word to word translation. The literal meaning may not convey the message appropriately and might not even make sense. What marketing communications in new regions require is Creative Translation (or Transcreation).

In Creative Translation, content is tailored for local audience while its original concepts, style, tone and effectiveness are retained. Creative Translation helps you get the most out of your marketing spends in new regions.

White Globe has a worldwide team of over 2,000 native speaking translators who know the nuances of the language and are domain experts. We offer translation services in over 350 languages for all types of marketing communications.

हम भाषा उद्योग के लीडर है क्या आप व्हाईट ग्लोब सेवाओं की खोज कर रहे हैं?

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