Competency Assesssment & Specialized Recruitment For Language Experts

A 3-Tier Assessment & Selection Process

1) Screening :
Academic qualification
Domains (Industry)
CAT Tools/Technology Platform
Native skills/Acquired skills
Sample work
Membership of any Professional
Translation Body

2) Multiple Written and Oral Capability Assessment :
Reading capability assessment (60 minutes)
Writing capability assessment (60 minutes)
Speaking capability assessment (15 minutes)
Listening capability assessment (30 minutes)

3) Final Assessment by Expert Panel of each Language CoE :
Interview Assessment
Listening Abilities
Sensory, Motor, Cognitive skills
Bi-lingual capability
Vocabulary usage
Cultural Awareness
Self Control and ability to control stress
Emotional Resilience

Assessment Objective
Ability to assess varied information and fluency.
Ability to negotiate transitions from one paragraph to the next.
How well do the sentences connect with the main idea.
Ability to read the passage and sieve out the essence and the same message/meaning of the source document.
Eye for detail and holistic understanding of the concept.
Assesses articulation ( Which involves having good memory to process and recall the information).
Whether the language expert speaks carefully and tries to articulate and uses a good vocabulary.
Test of memory.
Ability to listen (Speakers speed which involves having good memory to process and recall the information).
Speech Function and Speech Mechanics like Pronunciation, Tone, Volume, Pitch, Style. Accent, Repetitions and Interjections.